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  • equitiesthinktank equitiesthinktank Dec 24, 2009 9:05 AM Flag

    Relatively speaking RBS, AIB, LYG, & IRE are Extremely Undervalued & Oversold

    Relatively speaking RBS, AIB, LYG, & IRE are Extremely Undervalued & Oversold:

    Sym: _ Price __ Book _ _ P/B ___ $Tot Assets ________ Float
    AIB: __ $3.70 _ $30.00 _ 0.12 ___ $251,715,000,000 __ _ 441,377,700
    LYG: __ $3.21 _ $23.07 _ 0.14 _ $1,745,743,000,000 __ 6,810,157,000
    IRE: __ $8.08 _ $35.65 _ 0.23 ___ $257,355,000,000 __ _ 251,054,200
    RBS: __ $9.17 _ $36.00 _ 0.25 _ $2,992,492,000,000 __ 2,818,300,000
    C__: __ $3.29 __ $6.15 _ 0.54 _ $1,863,176,000,000 _ 22,863,950,000
    BCS: _ $17.73 _ $22.71 _ 0.78 _ $2,530,457,443,000 _ _ 2,852,889,000
    DB_: _ $72.06 _ $76.75 _ 0.94 _ $2,427,932,000,000 _ __ 619,500,000
    JPM: _ $41.56 _ $39.13 _ 1.06 _ $1,992,675,000,000 __ 3,940,654,000

    Good luck to the longs.

    Happy Holidays.

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    • I am not devoted to bailouts or to TARP; however, I do believe that the governmments will support the big banks at all costs, to ensure we come out of the recession.

      I think almost all other businesses could be hurt; but, the big banks will just get stronger, because the smaller banks will get weaker.

      I thought we had reached a bottom. However, it appears that AIB, LYG, RBS, along with other major banks are seeing weakness today.

      Considering price to book, and the financial sector; I still think AIB, LYG, and RBS; are extremely undervalued and oversold.

      Good luck to the longs.

    • rstendel Dec 29, 2009 11:20 PM Flag

      equitie is devoted to bailouts. They all have the same backer and the EU/EC as a question mark. If he wins, I probably will too.

    • RBS to sell $4.8 Billion in foreign assets.

      This should greatly improve RBS's capital reserves.

      Good luck to the longs.

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      • Yeah, this sale has been pending for quite some time now. Too bad the higher offerss couldn't get approved.

        It will really hurt RBS profitability that they are forced to sell these assets so cheap and will lose the future contribution of this growing profitable part of their business.

        It's all part of the onging size reduction or RBS. This is just one of many assets/operations they have had to shed at below market value to maintain solvency.

        There are more sales in the work as Hester has outlined, just too bad that they need divest their profitable non-core operations in this market and having to sell at below market/asset value to maintain capital ratios.

        In a few years, RBS will be just a shell of it's former self. Let's hope they can turn their core business to profit in the next few years.

    • The US Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) is actually working very well.

      It prevented the recession from becoming a depression.

      And the banks are paying it back.

    • You might be right, but you have been re-stating this same position since you started pumping on this board back on 12/10. Since then, RBS common stock has dropped >12%.

      You might be correct long term, but you are going against the market. I assume you purchased back on 12/9 or 12/10...

      How does it feel to catch a falling knife?

      Your opinion is valued.... but it appears your single analysis strategy doesn't account for short term market setiment.

      I've asked you no less than 3 times... How you factor in the upcomming dilution when HMT raises her equity ownership from the current 70% to 83%.

      How does this affect your asset model?

      Also, you keep talking about this stock being "oversold", but you never support it with facts??

      Do you look at the short interst on the LSE (where the vast majority of RBS is traded) or do you primarily focus on the ADR tracking stock on the NYSE?

      Thanks for your input, no matter if it is very one dimentional.

      Good luck to you.... You'll need it to make up for the large haircut you have taken.

      In full disclosure, I have never owned or traded RBS common stock, only the preferreds...... However, I do watch the ADR common...

      I dissagree with your short term assessment. If/When the UK Gov, stops increasing their ownership stake and starts to unwind it.. I would suspect this will casue siginificat selling pressure resulting in downward pricing (i.e. Citigroup)

      I would recommend that you wait till there is positive upward price movement before you accumulate....

      IMHO, the common will continue to fall.. I will wait till a firm bottom has formed and an upward trend is established before you start trading this stock

      Remember, this is a penny stock (<$.50 split adjusted). Trading on fundimentals is a high risk trade.

    • IMO: a 6 month price target with P/B = .5

      $Price _ %Gain
      $18.00 _ 96%

    • RBS has the greatest Total Assets and it's Price to Book is Extremely low.

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