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  • gmhb172068 gmhb172068 Apr 2, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    No dividends again?!

    Let's face it, this ETF offers up no press releases that might inform shareholders of changes to what originally was a double digit annual dividend yield to a yet to be determined dividend, if it ever returns. Why the share price continues to escalate, only the majority holders know. On one day recently you may have noticed roughly 12% of the total float change hands with marginal downside impact. You never see huge volume of shares like that offered for sale without a major drop in price. Sounds like a sweetheqrt transaction. I'd never own an ETF having less than a $5B share float, seems like a few players set the market for this $100M cap. ETF.

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    • I had to e-mail Wisdom(?) Tree to find out the DRW distribution status for March (their website had no information). I immediately got the following response:

      "DRW did not have a distribution for March. The fund invests in PFICs (Passive Foreign Investment Companies) and their losses were deducted from the distribution. Gains are added in up years and losses are subtracted in down years. The link below is a good description of these PFICs below..."

      Bottom Line ....This income (???) ETF is a real TURKEY!!! I'm now totally out. (at least 3 months late)

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      • I Strongly agree with your sentiment, having been burned and sold out at a loss. I think it's worse than a turkey do you explain the share appreciation after the first huge dividend miss? How now does anyone explain the relative share price stability after the second consective miss? Thanks for the link, new rule in place: nix any ETF containing "PFIC". Hope you didn't lose too much.....and considering that the share prices of the ETF went up after you sold(I assume after the fist miss), someone made $ on your sale!

      • Hmm up 19% since you sold. I'll just sell of some of my holdings if I need the income. 19% in 8 months is fine with me!

        Sentiment: Hold

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