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  • galaberge galaberge May 13, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    From Seeking Alpha and the past 10 years researches.Technology Stock Letter Editor J. McCamant has innovative ideas on how to glean profits

    I quote “

    TLSR: Well, it does have a bit of that...

    JM: It's a pig worm, of course. There's no question. But never say never. Who knows? The hygiene hypothesis states that the current lack of exposure to microbes in developed countries leads to a lack of autoimmunity. In direct contrast, in undeveloped countries there is almost no autoimmune disease. We are talking about multiple sclerosis, and even autism. This is potentially a very large drug opportunity. To be honest, the worm is potentially the largest drug in history. It could make Lipitor look like chump change. That just reduces a little cholesterol. This would change people's lives. It's the big stuff."

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