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  • chiragpatel75 chiragpatel75 Jun 10, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Price Movement

    CNDO better do not go below or even close to 200 day moving average of 7.90. If it does there will be further downward pressure.
    The good thing regarding this downward price movement is that volume has not followed accordingly and as such no major selling. Only I can guess is that weak longs are selling at lower price.
    Also under ownership/transcation section, one can see there has been net close to 4 Million shares bought since 3/31.
    I wish trigfest statement of Harlan visiting white house was true.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • trigfest doesn't do us any favors by posting his BS about Harlan turning down CNBC etc. Even if he was joking it just takes away from the credibility of the posters on this board and it is something we don't need right now.

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      • Are you serious? I posted a sincere bullish outlook on what i think will be the price action of this stock in the latter part of this year. To not understand that the last part was in jest you have to be a m-ron or there is a language barrier. I thought there might be a little language barrier with Chirag so instead of ridiculing him I courteously told him i was kidding. This board is almost entirely devoid of any substantive insight at all. I think I have/had contributed nicely, and have done so because I really believe in this company, and enjoyed sharing my thoughts. (My research is thorough). So apparently since I do not do this board any favors, this will be my last post. You guys don't deserve the benefit of my insight. You fellas can continue with your inane posts which seem to substantially consist of whining about short term stock drops. BTW Chirag, how much I own of any company is not the business of a message board. I will make a small exception only to say I own considerably more shares than you (and yes I recall you telling us the # of shares you own). Goodbye and good luck.

      • that's true. we are talking about serious money here and then these jokes just keeps someone wonder that after much of detailed earlier post, what are these jokes about. Is trigfest really proponent or if he even holds any shares?

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