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  • jc_sockman jc_sockman Sep 24, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Any Educated thouhts on results release???

    My thoughts now after most analysis and people's thoughts on this message board is to swipe up as many shares as I can near the 7 dollar mark??? I am very confidant that the results are going to be very positive but any reassurances would be great. Will 2014 be the year of the worm???

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    • OK; going to PII and results by year-end on 120 patients. That's not negative. And, so far the MTSL is still looking for a target $20. And that's not negative, either. MM's and hedge funds typically short positive news, buy in cheap, close out and then hump the stock. I going in! (for more).

    • I predict that just like all the STUPID Apple analysts, that the people saying this Phase II will fail, will be COMPLETELY WRONG!!!! Why do these idiots get paid, do they just flip a coin? I have been amazed at some of the bashing by people ( Adam Fuerstein ) who are clueless as to what the concept behind TSO is. They just say truly stupid comments like " nobody will take this stuff, its pig worms!" Listen, if you're sick with some of the diseases that TSO targets, you'll take ANYTHING if you think it has any chance at making you better. They could care less where it comes from, they just want to feel better! I hope and pray, not just for my financial gain, but to help people who are desparate, that this works!

    • When do the results come out for this company ? Any idea what the stock would be valued at with positive news?

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      • Matt do your studies on this company, look at studies at the U of Iowa, Wisconsin, and I believe UMass, couple these with test done overseas and You will see there has never and I mean never been a negative result. Your studies should include "whip worm" "Hellmuth", "TSO" and Hygiene Hypothesis. After you study that let this forum know what you think...I believe you will be in tomorrow!!! The upside...well its that big no one knows!!!!

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