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  • captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Sep 10, 2004 12:54 PM Flag

    party's over. eom

    cybarracuda with all honesty I want to thank you for your insight and warnings. Just a stubborn old man here I guess. Just can't shake off the continuous warnings being issued and macroeconomic issues not being addressed. CSCO's CEO warning which as a matter of fact cause a collapse of his stock from the 50- the single digits. Just took time for it to happen. Who listened?

    Indulge me for a second.
    A man a fallowed kept shorting AMZN at 90, 100, etc. I asked him why? His model forecasted the popping of the Internet bubble. He's crazy I said to my self. He continued to short as the stock continued to advance then one day........ You know the rest.

    Keep in mind that ZBRA is 88% owned by INST. & they spook easily. $50 oil? Please excuse me as I have to get ready for IVAN.

    Bets wishes and enjoyed an interchange of ideas with you.

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    • Appreciate your sentiments captzorro, but the error you and so many others make with this stock is comparing it with the likes of AMZN, YHOO, CSCO and others. Some of those companies are bereft of earnings. They all had huge runups in share prices and had to fall.

      ZBRA on the otherhand has substantial earnings, which except for a bump in the econmic road have grown rather nicely. It never really got too much ahead of itself. It never had to fall excessively to take significant fat out of its price.

      Even without RFID this stock is not wildly out of sync. The possibility that RFID can be huge and that ZBRA could be a big part of it makes being on the wrong side much too risky. But good luck with your investment strategy. I just think there are oh so many better candidates to be bearish on than this one.

      But you ad your buds, just keep shorting. It will just make any possible short sqeeze that much sweeter!

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