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  • winstonind winstonind Jan 26, 2000 4:55 PM Flag

    SCAN ONE Barcode Scanner

    I'm looking for software and/or drivers for the
    Scan One barcode scanner. If I'm not mistaken then
    Scan One was formally the name of "Zebra
    The drivers that come with it are old DOS/Windows 3.1
    compatible and SHOULD work with Windows NT however that
    isn't so. If anyone has any information on the software
    and drivers for the Scan One barcode scanner please
    E-Mail me at:
    W. Hall

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    • ZBRA's investments & marketable securities (mostly interest-bearing) were last listed at $196,335,000 as of 10/2/99. The sheer magnitude of this number never fails to amaze me.

    • Agreed, ZBRA is a great e-commerce play. Some of
      us were saying it at 28. You just don't play in that
      arena (among others) without the efficiencies barcoding

      One more reason why ZBRA is rising:
      interest rates. Even as the intense interest in improving
      productivity should keep ZBRA's revenues rising, improving
      yields on ZBRA's huge investment portfolio will add to

      The market is thinking seriously about
      interest rates. This is a company that not only offers
      superior growth, it has a built-in hedge against rising
      interest rates.

    • 1) Antecipation of great earnings
      2) Shares
      are extremely undervalued
      3) Amazon sells the
      books, UPS delivers them and ZBRA makes the money on the
      bar code technology. Believed I mentioned this
      before. ZBRA is directly linked with the Internet boom,
      but is somewhat in the 3rd tier so Wall St has yet to
      see the great potential in this great company. ZBRA
      fundamentals are outright fantastic.
      Just look at this
      board! This is a gem. Intrinsic value of ZBRA is way
      above $100
      Good luck to all ZBRA longs

    • spread ????????? What a bunch of B.S. !!!!!!!

    • An IBD gem !!!!!!!

    • If you want to get right down to it, there are no
      specialists at work here at all. The NYSE uses specialists..
      the Naz uses market makers. I would agree the MMs
      here are a manipulative, opportunistic bunch.. but it
      also seems they are blamed for everything from global
      warming to the conspiracy to kill Kennedy.

      and ZBRA are both firmly in the groove of an
      accelerating growth track, benefitting from the strong growth
      of e-commerce, and recent strength in both stocks
      suggests to me that next week's numbers will prove

      Aiiyiiyiii <~ long & strong in both issues.

    • The "specialists at work" argument for the stock
      price rise is misguided speculation at best and pure
      bull at worst. First, the volume during the price rise
      has been rather significant. This goes against the
      idea that specialists trading 100 share lots are
      temporarily driving up the price. Second, ZBRA has had a
      recent history of relatively large daily run-ups and
      pull-backs. One reason for this is that the stock has risen
      from about 25 to about 65 in less than a year. It's
      one of the successful tech stocks and is acting like
      one. Look at the daily price gyrations of Oracle, for
      example, to see similar price fluctuations. Third,
      earnings will be announced soon and speculation about the
      results is causing volatility in the stock price. Fourth,
      I find it hard to believe that specialists would
      risk their jobs in this manner. Whenever stocks act
      seemingly "irrationally", someone blames specialists for
      manipulating the stock. It just doesn't happen very often, if
      at all.

      There is no conspiracy. If earnings
      are good, the price will move up further but the path
      will be jagged and price volatility will continue. If
      earnings meet expectations, I expect a minor price drop.
      But if earnings are bad, the price will drop
      severely. My guess is that earnings will beat

      Good luck and don't be scared off by talk of price

      Bob P.

    • Apparently one makes it up. If all these trades are a few people trying to unload a lot of stock, why is the price rising significantly?

    • where does one find this info of how these individuals are trading?

    • There is a specialist or 10 working this stock
      for all it's worth. This is most obvious manipulation
      I have seen in a long time. Trades out of sequence,
      dozens and dozens of 100 share trades. It appears
      someone wants to get rid of a large block at the best
      price possible before earnings. So they are either
      chicken or they know something the rest of don't.

      Good Luck to all.

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