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  • naga00 naga00 Sep 21, 2009 4:36 PM Flag

    this stock is just basing and one of these days will again fly

    smart investors see the numbers- traders trade the move- some investors do not understand what they have and get kicked out from minor shake outs. Bottom line we are closing in on $500,000,000.00 in total raises for the 3rd q!
    as mentioned earlier if we assign only a 3% net net and then base it on the 35 million shares outstanding and take into account the 12 million nol that remains the earning/sh not including warrant appreciation- just straight earning from operations we get .42 non- gap number a far cry from the .29 non- gap from the 2nd q- and according to management the fourth q is typically the strongest!
    Let us assume that we had .-15 for first +.29 for the 2nd +.42 for the third and very conservative +.40 for the 4th q --We get .96 non gap--I think that this is a good number to consider- so based upon a share price of $5 and est. .96 for 09 - we get a est. PE of 5x- should easily be worth a PE of 10-12X- Gives us a $10-$12 share price- if our assumption are believable and doable!
    Just do not see the risk in this stock at current levels with the current environment for "pipes" and secondaries and IPO's.
    I continue to average up my position-When a company completes $100,000,000.00 worth of deals last week alone and the stock can still be purchased at the 5 dollar level one has to re-think the equation!!

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    • I agree. I started buying at $1.45 and continue to buy as I see the numbers from the deals and even bought more today at $5.03 average. I am confident this stock will double by the end of the year and in another year will be over $20.00.
      There is nothing I can put my money in that has such little risk and great potential.
      This is a no brainer.

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      • the reality is that we get to see the numbers as they develop instead of guessing .
        The best stock around for total transparent numbers almost daily. An investor dream while being on the outside.

        One of these days this stock is going to let loose!
        Market a little jittery and profits are to be had in this stock-know one is really losing any money in this issue. As mentioned I bought some additional shares at 5.09 and 5.20 today

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