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  • waytoogoodforwords waytoogoodforwords Dec 9, 2009 9:00 AM Flag

    with today's little deal we have not breached 400,000,00.00

    I want Medicare for all. Medicare is beloved. It has a 94% approval rating. It has given dignity and care to tens of millions of seniors who otherwise would have unaffordable policies that would be cancelled when they started to make claims. Medicare is terribly underfunded. Tell the politicians to stop stealing from Medicare. And by adding people in their 20, 30's 40s etc., who use very little healthcare Medicare would be strengthened even further.

    I'm not here to defend cash for clunkers.

    I didn't vote for Obama. I don't vote for right-wingers pretending to be moderates. He's catering to you and your right wing with every decision he makes.

    Obama hates military?? He proposed a defense budget HIGHER than any budget Bush ever did, when he should've cut it in half (again he caters to the right). He has kept on board virtually all the Bush era military leaders: Gates, McChrystal, Petreaus etc. Obama is escalating an unnecessary and illegal war in Afghanistan, very similar to Bush.

    You climate deniers are paid by Exxon Mobil tens of thousand of dollars to refute the science. The emails are a blip. There are almost 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific research papers on climate change. NOT A SINGLE ONE has refuted the fact that is real, happening and 90% of them state it is caused by man.

    Doesn't Rush tell you any of this????

    Again, every progressive I communicate with opposes cap and trade because it'd be ineffective in controlling emissions. It'd make a lot of money for Goldman Sachs on all the trades. We need a smart carbon tax at the sight of drilling and rebate checks sent back to consumers and used to build green energy products.

    Why are you so terrified of people who have information other than what you have. We agree on many of the same things.

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