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  • weewillie08 Jul 16, 2011 8:45 AM Flag

    Motley Fool says what?

    The graph by Motely Fool is simply implying that HIMX is fudging the books to make themselves look better off than they are. That's it in a nutshell.

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    • What did you do,weewillie, come over here to defend MF? The thing is I majored in mathematics and took a lot of engineering stuff also, but didn't study charts like this. The first chart has a scale for revenues on the left which 10 times or 100 times the one for earnings on the right. So comparing the two bars is just about meaningless. Which scale do you use to judge the FCF? There is no way you can conclude anything from this graph! It is useless. Now to the 2nd graph. Bar graphs are used to illustrate the relative magnitude of things. You will see on the left they have a scale that goes from negative values to positive values and the overall bars are positioned up and down on this scale. What is that supposed to mean? That these overall values are part positive and part negative? And, which part? Again this graph is nonsense. On the 2011 bar the green part is by far the largest and the red part they single out is nowhere near the % of the overall bar as they say. These graphs are from investor IQ. Did MFool copy these graphs and distort them? I certainly won't pay for investor IQ's service to see any of their products. They serve big financial institutions. No wonder these firms are so skrewed up! The only way they ever made money is by skrewing the customer with fees etc.

      Nothing is demonstrated by MFool that HIMX is fudging their numbers!

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      • I agree with you. The charts do not make sense with what Motley Fool wrote. I reread the article a number of times.

      • weewillie08 Jul 18, 2011 9:07 AM Flag

        LOL. Hey, Discount, step back and take a deep breath. I'm not taking any sides with the Motley Fool article. I'm simply telling you what it implied. Whether it is right or not can't be confirmed by the article. That would require a much deeper look into the company's books. But the implications of the article, right or wrong, suggest at best that Himax is embellishing their numbers. Why are you being so defensive? At this point, it's just some writer's opinion. Armageddon has not yet arrived for Himax, But it is definitely facing hard times at the moment, as it's shareprice suggests. You have a good day.

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