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  • weewillie08 Jul 18, 2011 9:07 AM Flag

    Motley Fool says what?

    LOL. Hey, Discount, step back and take a deep breath. I'm not taking any sides with the Motley Fool article. I'm simply telling you what it implied. Whether it is right or not can't be confirmed by the article. That would require a much deeper look into the company's books. But the implications of the article, right or wrong, suggest at best that Himax is embellishing their numbers. Why are you being so defensive? At this point, it's just some writer's opinion. Armageddon has not yet arrived for Himax, But it is definitely facing hard times at the moment, as it's shareprice suggests. You have a good day.

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    • No, in my opinion that the share price exactly reflects a company's well-being is a huge fallacy believed by the public. In fact, I invest with the strategy that the public is quite often dead wrong. In the last earnings report from the company they don't sound at all like they're facing hard times. Yes, in fact, for MFool to post these bogus graphs and then go to great lengths to deliberately smear a company might border on grounds for a lawsuit from stockholders since apparently they have some influence with some of the public. It looks like they have an axe to grind; maybe they have a feud going with someone who owns shares in HIMX.

      The only thing the 1st graph shows is that revenues, earnings, etc have been on a downward trend from a few years ago. And, many people expect trends to continue indefinitely. Example: the housing market. I knew they were dead wrong. Even the bankers assumed this. Trends quite often and will reverse. That's right the public is stupid and the stock market abundantly demonstrates how stupid they are. I have my own indicators of public sentiment which contrasts with yours for HIMX which gave me a buy signal 2 months ago.

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      • weewillie08 Jul 19, 2011 8:29 AM Flag

        "I have my own indicators of public sentiment which contrasts with yours for HIMX which gave me a buy signal 2 months ago."

        Discount, If you bought the stock a couple months ago, when it was in a trading range between $2.13 & $2.20, then even if you discount the .12 cent div., you are at best treading water. Not exactly a buy signal to me. Now look at the macro Market situation today with the debt ceiling comming to a head in August. Traders are moving big time into gold and out of the Market because of the potential of a huge Market collapse. If I were looking to buy stock in a company at this point in time, it certainly isn't going to be in a company like Himax. For crying out loud, they just cut their div. in half and revenues are dropping. If your indicators, whatever they are, showed buy two months ago, and I assume your indicators are telling you to buy now, then good luck to you. After all, it's your money, use it anyway you like. Good luck with your investment in Himax shares.

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