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  • obliden obliden Mar 12, 2013 4:05 AM Flag

    Karl Guttentag changes his mind: it's himax

    On his blog he now admits, after carefully reviewing a video on google glass, that he made a mistake and that it is himax who is the supplier

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If you read the blog, not only does Karl admit that it is probably Himax and that Himax does have make the reflective LCOS but he has bought shares of HIMX.

      Now, we all buy hoping the stock increases in price and thus earn profits. So, Karl must think it is going much highter than the $4.50 or so low on Monday.

      And, it gets better. As Karl dismisses the earnings potential for Google Glasses (says it might only be $25/each for HIMX and thus $25 million for 1 million Google Glasses), he must have bought HIMX shares thinking HIMX has a solid business with great products AND that it is undervalued without a large contribution from Google Glasses.

      So, that should refute any downgrade from the clueless Nomura.

      Karl, if you are out there monitoring, how about telling us a bit more about why you bought into HIMX as is is seemingly on the core business and products (and not Google Glasses).

      Finally, HIMX did say the were working with several large customers on head mounted displays and pico-projectors so perhaps they are also working with Apple (Foxconn is a customer) and Samsung (also a customer).

      Investor's conference starts today in Taiwan with private sessions available.

      By the way, I bought into HIMX last July around $1.60 and more in November at $1.90. My last add was after it dropped to $2.85 in February so I am a longer term believer than most here. I am willing to hold until 2014 to get over $6/share or more (and to ensure long term capital gains).

      Anyone thinking of selling is crazy!!!!!!! Instead, sell the June or later $5 covered calls as you can get around $0.50/share which means you get $0.50 of downside protection and potentially $5.50/share total if they get called. Why sell here at $4.57?????

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      • 11Mar 2013

        Augmented Reality and HMD • LCOS

        Google Glass Is Using Field Sequential Color (FSC) LCOS (Likely Himax)

        GG DVF 40-42 RGB (2)
        Sequential Red, Green, and Blue Fields Captured From Google YouTube Video DVF [through Glass]

        I’m going to have to eat some crow because up until Saturday night, I honestly thought Google was using a transmissive panel based on the shape of the newer Google Glass headset. I hadn’t seen anything that showed it used Field Sequential Color (FSC) and I had looked for it in several videos before that didn’t appear to show it. With FSC the various (red, green, blue and perhaps other colors) are presented to the eye in sequence rather than all at the same time and this can show up in videos (usually) and in sometimes in still pictures.

        But on a Saturday (March 9th) I watch the Google produced Video DVF [through Glass] from way back in September 2012. A careful frame by frame analysis (see above for the images from 3 frames) of the video proves that the newer Google Glass design uses a Field Sequential Color display (FSC). Note in the picture above captured at 3 separate times, there is a red, green, and blue images in the Google Glass which is indicative of FSC. Based on the size and shape and some other technical factors (too much to go into here), it has to be a reflective Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) device, most likely made by Himax.

        BTW, as further visual evidence (there are a couple more examples in the video but this one is to me the clearest) of it being an FSC device is given later in the video at 3:30 when Google Co-Founder (and part-time actor?) Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass stands up to applaud and there is a classic FSC color breakup as captured in the picture below one recognizable to anyone that has looked into an FSC projector. Seeing separate color fields when the projector moves is a classic FSC effect.

      • dollars2come Mar 12, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

        He knew all along. Just wanted cheaper shares

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