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  • ellwave ellwave May 6, 2013 5:40 PM Flag

    longs ABOUT TO BE IN A REAL PANIC tomorrow when big guy sell again


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    • There will be plenty of buyers for any sellers. HIMX beat by $0.02/share with earnings growth rate or ~26%.

      Analysts were expecting $0.07 for the quarter and $0.40 for 2013. At a minimum, they raise guidance for the year to $0.42 which will be 40% over the $0.30 they did in 2012. Toss a 20 P/E on that (PEG still less than one at 0.8) and you get a share price of $8.40. Make it a 25 P/E (for a 1.0 PEG) and you get $10.50.

      But, what if they raise the 2013 earnings estimate to $0.45 or $0.48? Then, the growth rate goes over 50% and a 25 to 30 P/E is reasonable with the PEG still well under 1.0 and we have a share price around $12.

      And, the 2014 earnings are projected at $0.57 (one guy at $0.70). What if these get raised also. In two years, HIMX should be $12 to $17.5.............while paying a dividend. The shelf offering will dilute this by around 7.3%.

      I am a long term investor so I don't sweat the day to day actions.........much.

    • too funny, same guy different name. This is not going to drop, based on the type of industry they are in these were great numbers, you can't mix this company in with a google or amazon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I think you are right and I am long. Not a good report. Our expectations were set to high. Thought we would blow away earnings.

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