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  • markofbklyn markofbklyn May 30, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    HIMX $10.00 by the end of the June.

    Sounds crazy, but the charts, facts & common sense don't lie. All charts show the stock above 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 moving day averages. Heavy volume today on the upside indicates there are big buyers looking to buy stock. The fact is most analyst look at the stock and say this company is a real company that just started the turn around. Margins & profit increased even with the Chinese new year (when most factories are closed). The company withdrew the F3 filing and still has over 12mm in buyback that needs to be done. The company will probably announced a dividend of around 20 cents for last year and I think they start paying dividends quarterly instead of yearly. Open call option interest is higher than open puts by a 5-1 margin. Common sense says this stock is heading higher. I think HIMX will announce soon deals with autos companies to use their technology in car gps, backup systems & audio systems. Add the sales they have with Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Google says this stock should be closer to 15. The sales they have may be small deals, but when you add the small deals together your looking at major sales & higher margins. Buy this stock & don't look back. Hang on for a nice ride to 10+ a share in a month. Do your own research and this is my opinion.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • A few fundemental items to back this up:

      - Shorts who were attracted by the rapid rise and chart patterns are now completely debunked with Oppenheimer's recommendation along with The Street, Bank of America and Nomura.

      - Strong stocks tend to do well in the last month of the quarter due to Mutual Fund 'Window Dressing' as the Funds want to show they own the 'hotter stocks'

      - Will be interesting what HIMX does with the remaining $11+ million from the share buyback but I suspect they will not use it to buyback shares at this level.............and the institutions would rather see a higher share count to keep this more liquid.

      - I would prefer to see HIMX use the remaining $11+ million from the buyback be used to pay down debt or given to the shareholders in a special dividend (worth ~$0.066/share).

      - Prefer that the July dividend be larger and then they announce a quarterly dividend rather than disappoint those of us expecting $0.15 or so per share July dividend. A larger dividend would also force more shorts to cover than just $0.04/share in July. Perhaps the $11+ million share buyback can allow both a $0.15/share dividend and then another dividend in Oct and Jan???

      - Bullish news would be that Innolux sells their shares in a private placement or two. This gets some institutions into HIMX (bullish for shareholders) without the short term price correction (bad for Innolux as they get lower price non-news for long term shareholders)

      - Good 2Q will be nice in early August but 3Q guidance will be even more important. They raised guidance for 2Q and most likely were conservative so they could beat it modestly. They are already bullish on 3Q so they only need to reiterate that to keep the share price moving. There are few stocks now still growing revenue, earnings AND MARGINS so HIMX is in a rare class............with a PEG well less than 1.0!!!!!

      There are just so many positives with HIMX and that is why the share price can grow and still be fairly valued.

    • doesnt sound crazy at all, in fact, i fully expect a double digit print within the next 30.

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