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  • florascapes Jun 24, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    Does any serious investor have a rational for this downturn today?

    So many stocks are ridiculously down. This seems to be played for pennies. So why is anyone selling?

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    • dollars2come Jun 24, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

      Simple--Fear--a reaction to Ben's latest decision to help the economy. Interest rates will be going up. The kicked around middle class will have less money to spend. Employers will lay people off possibly. Employers will stop hiring people. Remember, their loans are hugh and a 1/2 percent increase in the interest rates will cost them thousands if not hundreds of thousands. It creates a strain on forward earnings and margins, and the list goes on and on and on. Housing will see an increase in sales for a very short time and then housing will stagnate once again. If I raised your rent, would you be making more money to cover it or would you have less money to spend? Thats why the markets are going down. Just so happens, what HIMX makes isn't a necessity so companies like that gets hit the hardest.

    • I think margin calls are being made! Himx really needs to address shareholders! If we don't have a end of day run or a 10 percent day tomorrow we will see four soon.

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    • Its beginning to look a lot like 2007

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      • No it's not, I wish it were a repeat of 2008-2009 but unfortunately it is not. It is simply a correction after an artificial run boosted by the fed. The Dow should have been at it's peak at around 12,000 or little bit over that, not 15,500, that was ridiculous.

      • sure does. volume equivalent of the entire float has traded in the last month. a large number of shares are held by people who dont care what the fair value is, just where its going tomorrow.
        wouldnt be surprised to see bernanke leek a statement soon. his entire lifes work will go up in smoke if 2007 repeats. doubt he goes down without a fighting chance.

    • The world markets are all down. Hang in there! Especially buy now if you have $$$.

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    • No just the opposite , so many stocks skyrocketed ridiculously, that's why they are coming down.,

    • No, it is very puzzling. HIMX just raised its dividend very very substantially which shows confidence in the future, articles saying how undervalued the stock is even above 5-Makes no sense-Must be 1 major holder liquidating. I think it is a buying opportunity of a lifetime right here.

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