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  • malph_ralph Jul 22, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Oppenheimer were right after all

    I didnt doubt, just added when it dropped sub 5. i knew there would be good news after the ong period of silence from the company. now we know why Innolux sold out too. cant wait for earnings CC, we may fin dout then or before the price GOOG paid for the share of the company.
    this is just the beginning for Himax. day traders will rape and pillage for a while but this is one for the long term and big rewards. hope it opens at this level tmrw because i shall load up, didnt get chance to today unfortunately.

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    • Google wants 14% of the company. Innolux sold out because GOOG wanted control and to push them into gooles' needs. I have no doubt Innolux made a killing and are still customers. Power Management customers include- TCL. Asic Processors- Sharp Sony MSFT, TCL, Philips sound familiar? Doesn't mention the fact HIMX expressedly said they were working with several companies and not just Google (from their 4Q 2012 transcript): "But it’s on head-mounted display and there are now head-mounted display applications that we are working along with a few leading players in the world." AND THIS "We are working with several top tier customers to develop new head-mounted display products using our LCOS panels. We shipped some early volumes for customers pilot runs in the fourth quarter of 2012. We expect early stage shipment in 2013"

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