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  • incy201 incy201 Jul 23, 2013 10:25 PM Flag


    Big hurdle over this qtr and next quarter. Mobil market challenging as all have reported. Even in Apples report China was off 43%. Tablet market still being dominated by Apple. Saying in their call 84% of online traffic was from the I-Pad. Again not good for HIMX. As we all know desk top and TVs have slowed considerably.
    If your in for the long term you will be rewarded. If your in for the short term be very careful.

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    • andrewevans01 Aug 1, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

      Apple was off in China because they don't have a low cost iPhone to compete with Chinese Android OEMs. ZTE, Huawei, and Lenovo are all reporting huge growth even though China's economy has slowed down. Smartphones are not the only market for their display driver business, they make drivers for almost anything that uses a screen.

      Google is investing to expand capacity and increase production of Himax's micro display business which is positioned ahead of any of its competitors, and that capacity in a nascent wearable technology market is going to drive profit and revenue growth.

      If you can name and prove that even one of Himax's competitors has a market ready, affordable, and non-experimental micro display and a major OEM lined up, please share. I can already tell you there are none because I looked. This is why institutional investors are scooping it up because wearable tech is the next mobile growth category and Himax is going to profit from it because they've done extensive R&D and it is about to pay off.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • incy201 is obviously not blind. Main business is slowing and those holding right now will be #$%$ when earnings are released. Keep your shares or buy at $5.50 in 1 week, it makes no difference to me.

    • China was off for APPLE because they have no TD-CDMA device!!!! China Mobile standard da = Google wins! Tablet market world wide is not dominated by Apple. Like the saying goes Apple owns 100% of the ipad market . da , MP3 rule! IPAD is a MP3 and not a phone (genius) not good for you .......they don't call. Apple is a great product but the world buys Goog and NOK. Good for HIMX- Apple may be a great buyer of the new niche technology from HIMX, (bad for you) buy and get rich........ You wont make money on the board making a #$%^&*()_ of yourself.

    • You must not know much about either Apple or HIMX. Apple has no carrier deals in China and generally their smartphones are priced out of the larger markets. Apple (with HIMX products) are a status symbol in China but that is about it.

      The big market in China is the local 'white box' smartphone manufacturers who HIMX targets and has ongoing relationships with. And, as the screen visuals and hand controls are key to selling these phones, HIMX is key to their success. HIMX has already stated several times that they drive volume and margins.

      And, it is this market which makes the case for Apple and Samsung to produce a low cost phone. Either way, HIMX wins and they count all of these as customers.

      Note that HIMX beat 1Q estimates and guided upwards.......5 weeks into this quarter so they had good visibility when they guided higher.

      Get a clue. Most companies who guide higher, never guide so high that they can't meet and slightly beat the following quarter. Pay attention and learn!!!!

    • malph_ralph Jul 24, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

      Apple has no deal in China with the biggest carrier there, they are simply not big in that market. you barking u the wrong tree with that one. Google's endorsement with an actual investment is not to be taken lightly, and that is just a slice of what HIMX is doing right now and developing.

    • What planet are you from. AAPL sucks and is old technology. They have nothing in China compared to others because China buyers are not stupid and wont pay $400 for foil and a few pictures shaped into a rectangle. HIMAX is going to be huge as Google totally dominates.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • From Q1 earnings release (NOTE: the last bullet point):

      Company Exceeds Q1 Revenues, Gross Margin and EPS Guidance 
      • Total revenues increased by 5.4% year‐over‐year to $175.7 million  • Small and medium‐sized panel driver sales increased by 26.1% year‐over‐year, representing 51.9% of  total revenues in Q1 2013  • Q1 2013 gross margin reached 24.6% from 22.9% in Q1 2012 and 23.3% in Q4 2012   • Q1 2013 GAAP net income increased by 24.0% to $14.0 million from $11.3 million in Q1 2012. GAAP  earnings per diluted ADS grew by 24.2% to 8.2 cents from 6.6 cents in Q1 2012  • Q1 2013 Non‐GAAP net income increased by 23.6% to $15.0 million from $12.1 million in Q1 2012. Non‐ GAAP earnings per diluted ADS grew by 23.9% to 8.8 cents from 7.1 cents in Q1 2012  • Positive 2013 outlook with strong growth in small and medium‐sized driver and non‐driver products 

    • I would cover tomorrow if I was you... and next time READ the press release:

      "The purpose of the investment is to fund production upgrades, expand capacity and further enhance production capabilities at HDI's facilities that produce liquid crystal on silicon"

      Investors are buying into HIMX for it future prospects and opportunity for growth. Only growing companies have the need to "expand capacity and further enhance production"

      You're short the wrong company.

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