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  • markofbklyn markofbklyn Sep 12, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    HIMX will be 15 by end of January FACT!!!

    Now that I have your attention let me explain why it will be at least 15 a share (probably 17).
    1) Google Glass - What the hell is it and why is everyone going crazy over it. Answer: This is new way we are going to live our lives. In the old days we had very big PC and monitors. Remember the commodore 64 ETC.. The next thing was laptop that were bulky and heavy. They PC came slim as did laptops, we had the explosion of internet and the creation of net books, followed by PDA that had access to WIFI & then tablets that can do anything a computer can. Technologies is about working faster and with smaller componets. Google glass or sony watch is the next faze of small and fast and there is nithing anyone can do to stop it. The google glass can let a doctor geta second opinion from another Dr who is in a different country as to how to do a surgery, remember with google glass you can have someone see what you are seeing. This is major for surgery or robotic surgery in the future. Price will pay a big part and I assume it will be about 499 a pair when it gets launch only to drop to 299 a pair a few months later. There will be glass 1 then glass 2 then glass 3 like the iphone. each will have an additional function that the previous one does not have. Yes strip clubs will ban people with glass since they can take video, but wait cell phones have cameras, so I doubt that will stand. plus for strip clubs it will be another for of free advertisement of what to expect if you visit their establishment. I suspect that google will order 2.5mm lcos to start worth about $50mm this will be delvered during the next 3 quarters, but will ramp up at the end of last qtr with the increase in production. Fact is Google glass will be a game changer for the company
    2) Google is not the only customer. If you look at their presentation they also deal with foxconn, Samsung, intel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and other teir 1 and 2 companies. fact is buy the company

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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