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  • baxterjames120 baxterjames120 Nov 8, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    OT- Obama's legacy will be one of disgrace and failure

    Obama Care is now Obama Scare-

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    • Just uneducated Tea Party (Ted Cruz=Texas=Lee Harvey). Bring back Bush "There are weapons of mass destruction" so lets kill many thousands of our men and women. America pays how much for defense? 682 billion compared to the closest China at 166 billion and your saying don't help the uninsured Americans! The web site will be fixed and the LAW will be revised to make sure it works.

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    • Give it a few years. Wait until we see what it does to the National Debt. If Obama Care is so great why is Congress and their Staff not part of it. I know, they have 100% coverage thanks to the Tax Payers. I can't blame them, I don't want it either.

    • nothing to do with himx, #$%$

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      • You knuckle dragging 'tards never cease to amaze me. I understand you don't like Obamacare. Unfortunately, for you, its the law of the land, its been upheld as legal by the Supreme Court, and the sitting President will veto any attempt to defund or delay its implementation. So its here to stay. At least for the next three years.

        Meanwhile, those opposed to Obamacare have offered NOTHING in terms of alternatives, so I think its fair to say that given no alternatives from those in opposition, it will be hard to get any support for any change.

        As for your parting shot, #$%$" , I am amazed at your witty repartee. That will no doubt earn you a scholarship to McDonald's Hamburger University.

    • Will someone please explain to me #$%$ this has to do with HIMX?

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    • I hope you don't invest with such impatience. The ACC is here to stay. The crazy (off the cliff ) right wing is full of spin. It's a law. It will be tweaked until it's original purpose is fulfilled. It's inevitable. If we were smart we would help the effort. They said the same about S.S. and Medicare. I don't know one senior , or about to be senior that would give up either. Even the tea party said don't touch either. Let's get past this and create jobs, like the republicans promised going into the 2010 elections , that gave them the purse strings in the House. Not one job created by the republicans in the House. Just complain and complain. I'm tired of complaints . DO SOMETHING.

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      • SS and Medicare are practically bankrupt

        do you realize how many trillions in UNFUNDED liabilities the U.S. has?

        but you're right... it makes sense to keep spending money we don't have. it's sustainable, right? libturd

      • These are my personal facts:
        NO - I can't keep my current policy
        NO - My insurance costs are not going down and are rising greatly for less insurance
        NO - I can't get onto the Obamacare website
        YES - I am subsidising insurance costs for folks that make up to 4X the poverty rate when I budget and spend much, much less than that .

        PS - your seniors that don't want to give up ss or medicare because they were forced to pay for it for all these years without a choice. Many including me would opt out if I did not have to pay.

      • Isn't the keystone pipeline a pretty massive jobs initiative that the Dems are standing in the way of? Wont this pipeline also save Americans money down the road while reducing the amount that makes its way into enemies pockets? Keystone would create more jobs than any non government funded initiative the Dems have been proposing.

        Conservatives don't believe in playing god and trying to dictate markets and sectors, like the Dems. They believe in a free market system that allows people to pursue their ideas and dreams, which by by itself generates economic activity and jobs.

        Obama keeps jumping from lie to lie. He always wants credit when things go right and when they go wrong he acts like he has no clue about it. He is more like a used car salesman than a take charge leader, which america needs more now than ever.

        Americans are starting to wake up, just look at his tanking approval ratings. The Dems rammed this crappy bill through without even reading it, they have earned the blowback.

      • LMAO....It's the republicans fault that Osama is a failure!! Wow....ok...back to Himx....go green!!

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      • are you serious pizzadufus????

        Oscumbag is a serial LIAR and Oscumbagcare is doomed to failure. Watch and learn pizzadufus.

    • "It was clear from the beginning that there were going to be some winners and losers," said Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, who supports the health overhaul. "But the losers are calling reporters, and the winners can't get on the website."

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