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  • ye11huda ye11huda Jun 4, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    Guys HIMX was over 16 Dollars when BOA downgrade Underperform

    on 3/25/2014 Bank of America downgrade Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIMX) from Buy to Underperform.
    and Look where we are now down 10 dollars
    Is the 10 dollars downgrade are justified?

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    • if EPS and revenues arent growing at a good clip the stock simply doesnt deserve a higher multiple than it was getting when it was trading at $16. EPS for this year and next years was cut what kind of multiple do you think the stock deserves. its gonna take a couple Qs to see if samsung does come back and if Q3/Q4 sales and EPS pick up, if the GOOG rumors are true that would hurt next years EPS, thats why the stock is getting hammered. 2015 EPS of .60 at a 15x multiple with not a lot of revenue and EPS growth is a $9 stock, i am sorry but thats just the case. i am long the stock and its frustrating but they need to get thru this lousy Q coming up and start to execute in the 2nd half of the year, have the GOOG rumors be false and hopefully GOOG gets glass in a full rollout, then the stock could start to move back higher. this is a long term buy and hold if you have patience if you want to see big gains and a short term buy at these levels if your looking for 10-20% pop

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    • It was Jay at Chardan that did the real damage to Himx, over and over again. I was surprised when I researched him, he is highly qualified and seems to really have it out for HIMX.

    • when himax was 16 a share they were expecting earnings of .80 cents for 2015..these earning were due almost entirely from g.g…now g.g. is at best a niche product and will contribute little to the himax bottom line.without g.g. himax could drop as low as 4 bucks a share.the price of the stock tells all.things go up for a reason and down for a reason…at 4 with dividend on the way himax will become a strong buy...

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      • Hey jdunef,

        First, you never said how you value HIMX at $4............

        Then, from your statement in your latest post, you write ""at 4 with dividend on the way himx will become a strong buy"

        So, which is it? Are you are saying HIMX is worth $4 a share........or that at $4 HIMX is a strong buy supposedly meaning it has much upside........and thus worth much more than $4??????

        You actually make no sense at all!!!!!!!!!

        How many stocks do you know which drop dramatically.........all the way to where they become strong buys??? I think HIMX may be one due to short attacks, unfounded rumors, etc. but there are few like this.

    • Of course, actual share price is undervalued. But, rumors without support created some despair. Let's wait for a repair.

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