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  • yldnow yldnow Oct 9, 2002 1:02 PM Flag



    And this is supposed to be the safe, low-volatility MREIT!

    Long and (getting less) strong . . .

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    • And you sound like a drone for the right. Sad day when newt organized all your thoughts. Like a bunch of zombies. I'm not much of a democrat. I realize Clinton couldn't keep his pants on and was incapable of coming clean. That made him weak. GW is about half a moron. I'm not a drone but I can see.

    • You are smart when it comes to phone cards, but not too bright with political analysis. You sound like a drone for the democrapic party.

    • I use the sams cards too. Fantastic value and easy to use. Savings are good and i love not paying the axis of evil(The phone company). I know it's of topic but it's better than the cult of bush messages. If I were real conservative I'd be pissed too have him in. In retrospect the best democrat vote was one for bush. He's out next time the voters are going to say "fool me once.......uh shame on fool me twice......uh see you don't fool me twice." man what an orator.

    • ""Can other people call you long
      distance into your home with-
      out the connection? I am looking
      into it. I hate paying that $6
      every month. Thanx ""

      Of Course

    • Fust_igator:
      Can other people call you long
      distance into your home with-
      out the connection? I am looking
      into it. I hate paying that $6
      every month. Thanx

    • You are so right, we use callin cards from Sams Club .034 cents a minute.
      save a bundle every month, been doing it over a year now. renewable via the phone
      Hint: place i-800 number in phone memory then in another mem location place card number
      works great

    • You are 100% correct and the
      FCC never forced the bells to
      allow the last mile or they at
      least drug their feet untill
      all connectors went bankrupt.
      But now the bells are in their
      own hell as the little long
      distance companies are eating
      their lunch in this market.
      Now we pay about $6 more for
      a connect fee. Couple weeks
      ago there was discussion on
      how to bypass this. Cancel
      your long distance caller and
      use caller cards only - then
      they are out the $6 also.
      I am thinking on this.

    • From what I understand of the problems of overbuilding fiber, is that "the last mile", or the
      regions controlled by local Bells (ironically spin offs from Big Ma Bell),
      have contributed to the lack of use of those fiber lines, by their ability to control and block access
      at "the last mile" or local levels.

    • what do you own that is doing OK other than US treasuries ?

      even 'safe' bond funds are getting whacked today (like SGL)...........

      my 2 largest muni CEF are VTN and VKI....they are down a few pennies despite US treasuries being higher...........

      all the major utilities in USA are dropping like they go bankrupt and WSJ article today called the auto sector the 'next telcom meltdown'..............

      (are we going back to buring logs and candles in our houses ?)

      • 2 Replies to bond_dadddy
      • so do you know of any strong candle companies?

        the picture as it shapes up: no oil, electricity, cars or homes,

        no dollars or commodities...

        no communications, fixed, wireless, or otherwise...

        no credit, no jobs,

        please help me figure out exactly what it is we're all going to be doing someday soon...or long-term...

        i'm at a loss.


      • BD, seems to me more and more companies are taking extreme care not to overstate their forward guidance.Is it just me,or does anybody else notice the distinct drop off in so called positive reports on forward guidance.Like you said is the auto industry going to go the way of SBC,etc.(I still own some SBC)?
        What a about deflation,BD,how does that figure into the equation?
        You hear talk of reits being over priced,that the best is past them,but the earnings continue to beat,divis continue to go up.

    • I feel you pain and your life is something I hold dear.
      You cannot hide your sorrow from me.
      And just for the moment let me take it from you.
      For I want to give you some warmth and love,
      And just for the moment let my hands and heart
      give your warmth.
      As the tears roll down my cheeks
      I know your heart aches.
      Let me give you love and security.
      I can feel the void.
      It is a silent cry.
      Life has been cruel to you at times.
      I know the emptyness, ah too well.
      I know that your heart aches from deep inside.
      I am here, let me soothe and comfort you.
      Don't shut me out from the world.
      I will cry with you,
      hold you and share your sorrow.
      I have no magic to heal your sorrow,
      but I am here and I care.
      And some day when I am gone I hope you have
      fond memories of me
      Knowing that I truly loved you
      and cared for you.
      Oh yes, I feel your pain and it is part of me.
      For I truly love you and you are part of me.
      by Mary