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  • jamookey jamookey Oct 9, 2002 3:16 PM Flag


    BD, seems to me more and more companies are taking extreme care not to overstate their forward guidance.Is it just me,or does anybody else notice the distinct drop off in so called positive reports on forward guidance.Like you said is the auto industry going to go the way of SBC,etc.(I still own some SBC)?
    What a about deflation,BD,how does that figure into the equation?
    You hear talk of reits being over priced,that the best is past them,but the earnings continue to beat,divis continue to go up.

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    • <<You hear talk of reits being over priced>>

      i haven't seen so many trade below BV at once since 1998 .....

      MFA , AMC , ANH , and FB all through BV .....
      the rest at very slight premiums ....... if their bond holdings can all be sold for more than stock trades for , overpriced is not part of the equation .

      <<What a about deflation,BD,how does that figure into the equation?>>

      would be a dsaster if we really slid into a deflationary cycle while Greenspan held rate cuts back claiming there was a recovery underway ........... all hard assets like land , housing , commercial real estate , factories , cars , planes , trains , etc begin to fall in value .......... only gold , cash , and very high quality bonds work when it happens and once it starts it can take decades to stop ..........