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  • dreedva dreedva Mar 8, 2008 7:43 PM Flag

    It's about cash


    As you probably suspect, my comments weren't directed to you--but the other poster. Kinda mixed my thoughts after that. I was not suggesting anything in my post, just postulating that liquidity/cash might be more important than dividends in these very uncertain times.

    I'm always just amazed at just how much so many people think they know. And how uncivil they can be when telling us how much more they know than we do--when, in fact, so little is really knowable. But, that is the nature of these anonymous message boards.

    I'm retired and invest for income. So, like you, I am very much interested in the financial condition of my investments. I remain very concerned/nervous in this current economy--about all my investments, my house, my lifestyle. Nothing would be more to my liking than a great report from AHR. Management has delivered for many years. Hope they continue to do so. Good luck to us all.