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  • carmp60 carmp60 Jun 15, 2008 8:36 AM Flag


    it appears AHR will try to fill the power gap in the lower 8's. Really didn't expect it would. So far though, the stock is not overly bought anymore and is quickly becoming oversold! My thoughts only! Anybody else care to comment or speculate as to where we're headed and/or for what reason? As far as pricing in the dilutive shares, a full 15% has been lopped off the share price thus far so another 20 to 30 cents SHOULD be about it, IMHO. If not, then something else is going on???...........Mike

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    • I guess he was. I don't know what was evident to him that I missed. I can tell you one thing, the shorts are pushing hard today, nlt only on AHR but on the market in general.

    • I guess my friend was right. down she goes.

    • Welcome aboard. I believe your assessment is right on! BTW, this board has its ups and downs but mostly a very good board for info and knowledge that comes in spurts. Myself, I'm still learning and probably always will be......Mike

    • I own quite a few dividend stocks. Most I sell right before the x dividend date and find myself usually in the positive. Buy then later at a lower price.

      This stock, I am thinking a little different. I am new to this stock -- heard about it on the ONAV board. Liked what I saw I bought some -- cost basis at 7.76. Considering the current price I think I will just sit and enjoy the dividend.

      I would not worry about the dilution -- in this case it is my belief that we are talking about expansion. More revenue. Sounds good to me.

      Gee, maybe this month I will actually EARN a dividend.

      Hang tight boys and girls -- I think we have a winner here.

    • To be honest about the charts we are victums of the news. Given that that is the truth, the chart and share price has held up resonably well today with the Morgan Stanley news of yesterday and the Citi news today along with the regional bank revelations of this week. The trading today was 49.9% sell and 45.2% buy so essentially we are moving sideways to slightly down. The charts are showing that this is what is happening and should continue to happen for a while. The dividend coming might have some slight influence on early next week. What your friend might be seeing in the chart is not clear to me, but again I only look at short term charts.

    • No iam not trying to scare people, iam not good at chart reading as some are. My friend shown me the chart and said it look like it had rolled over and will go down. He does like the stock for the long run.I just thought someone who could read charts might see it differntly than him. I would have thought the stock would have moved up with the div come soon.

    • Why don't you ask your friend - or are you just trying to scare people?

    • Looks like my friend is right, the stock technically is moving down, one would have thought with the div coming next week the stock would move back up, but i guess with all the shares the company is dumping out, the stock will keep going down for now.
      Any thoughts on that.?

    • My reading of the short term chart, which is all I can read with any accuracy, shows Stoch just had a positive crossing from over sold, RSI is rising from 25, but Direction Motion is screwed up. Which usually means we aren't going anywhere for awhile, and I put a lot of faith in the DMI indications, ADX will come down while +DMI will rise over the next two days or so if we are going to go up in share price in the short term.