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  • okiedivot okiedivot Nov 20, 2008 10:52 AM Flag

    Buy Rec?

    I just got out of a 90 day buy and hold on SRS. It went ot 199 then back down to 130, etc etc. When it broke 200 again - I just got cold feet and bailed. Just wondering of the ahr preferreds are any more likely to be paid than the commons.

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    • Maybe this is the stating the obvious but buying AHR has to bee seen as very high risk. It wouldn't be paying these yields if it weren't.

      I like the pfd for one reason. I think the chance that this reit is going to have to start paying its bills by selling/giving common is very high. The cash flow problems seem to just need it. I think the chance of the common getting diluted very high.

      That is my two cents