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  • yieldplay yieldplay Dec 21, 2008 1:10 AM Flag

    JRT Paid Big Divvies in Shares!

    yuckity yuck, yuck yuckity yuck, a christmas caroling we shall go! Denial will only get you where it got me - in the hole.

    I think Reit Wrecks does a pretty good job of being objective - it's not like they gang up on one or the other, and AHR has been a total mess. Last year they were trading at 8 bucks a share and telling investors not to worry.

    I am also NOT short, unless you count on all the red in my brokerage account. Realism is painful, and I have a lot of AHR pain. What can I get for that, anthro-phine?

    Reit Wrecks is not always right either. They are still bullish on NRF, but even NRF has been chopped in half....

    Let's hope they are wrong on AHR.

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    • You say reitwreck do a pretty good job of being objective, just show me where they ever wrote a story where they said anything good about any of the reits let alone AHR, the person who wrote the story does not even put his name down or if he is long or short.Yes iam not happy with the stock price, who would be, but every reit is down now as you said so is nrf.Ahr still made money last Q and hopefully they will still make money in the future and the stock will go back up.