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  • cyflipper cyflipper Dec 23, 2008 10:58 AM Flag

    Announcement this week?

    I again called investor relations and this is what Iwas told by the lady that answers the phone in investor relations. "I was told there would be an announcement this week." I am concerned it will not be what we want to hear, but I this point I just want to hear something. A stock dividend would be fine, a slightly lower dividend would be fine, $.31 would be great.
    Happy Holidays to all of the AHR readers

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    • And after posting this you have the same alternatives as before: but sell or hold. The way one votes how they fell about maqnagement is with their feet. As was stated the management has been transparent up til now. Therfore there might be a very good reason thaqt they haven't reported yet.

      1. There is negotiations taking place that could impact the cash available.
      2. The cash available is going to potentially increase increase due to an asset sale.
      3. The cash needed is not available now but it is expected in the future.

    • I did a little research on Yahoo. Current 12/08 estimate yr. earnings 1.21 Current DEC 08 qtr earnings .25 or a low of .15 next yr '09 estimate yr earnings .94 Of course could be higher or lower..Lossing a bundle on both common and C preferred..Good luck

    • If a group doesn't want to communicate with their customers, they are either incompetent or hiding something. If AHR would simply state that they are in the middle if something they can't discuss right now, then I'll give then the benefit of the doubt. If they don't want to communicate, then I give them the doubt.

    • I called IR and the nice lady there said that there will be some news by tomorrow. When asked why it is so late, she didn't give an answer. I then asked her if the company will really announce something on Xmas eve and she said that it was what she was told.

    • "why not give them the benefit of the doubt?"

      Why not give yourself the benefit of skepticism?

      Mgmt can give us an update as easily as having some one answer the phones.

      I don't know if the delay is good or bad. I DO KNOW that the lack of any word from the company is insensitive to the needs of investors. Maybe that is all I need to know.

    • I agree that the management team has always been reliable in the past, which is what makes this perplexing. I am long the stock and still expecting a dividend on the common and certainly that the preferreds will continue to pay out. It is just bazzar that there is not some communication from headquarters?!

    • I think at this point the news is not good, why else for the delay. I just hope it doesn't crash like KFN did when they announced their dividend suspension. IT went from 3.30 to 1.70 in one morning, and still going down!!