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  • peilthetraveler peilthetraveler May 18, 2009 1:40 PM Flag

    10 minutes to fill my order!

    Bid/ask was 1.08/1.09 So i said to myself, im going to snatch those shares at 1.09. I put the order in and INSTANTLY it goes to 1.09/1.10 and i see my order right there. Not only did a few people get their orders filled in front of me(most likely market makers because how can anyone jump in front of my order?), but it took 10 minutes to fill! I put my order in at 13:24:10 and half got filled at 13:27:47 and the other half at 13:34:29

    Now of course its back to 1.08/1.09 :(

    But i noticed ALOT of people buying at 1.10 while i waiting to fill my order. Almost no sellers. If you got out like me in the 1.20s, time to get back on the train, in my opinion.