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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 21, 2011 7:20 PM Flag

    I'm Proud of Dean for SHOWING THAT DVIS WORKS!!!!!!

    Where are the 8 Doctors that he had speaking at the CC when IMGG could afford to have CC.

    Maybe since some of you men saw it work and will be pumping NEW ADDITIONAL MONEY into it we can have the CC come back again.

    Hmmmn..maybe I can get a woman to send out emails to men who invest in a company that has change its name how many times? and how long in terms of YEARS and how many consultants does it take to fill out these form?

    THE SEC HIT SQUAD should be visiting that guy.

    That is what the SEC needs to patrol its corridor, a hit squad; or atleaset resign.

    I invested in a company that made ineunedos and statements about being involved with the FBI so I sent those liberty sucking vampires an email questioning such statements to several of their department heads, CC several newspaper editors.

    A week later that POS CEO retracted the statements.

    Lets hope Dean isn't of the same caliber.

    I am just trying to figure out the law of diminishing returns on the following for these scam artits: (Naturally Dean is not one one of them)


    Investor X looses hundres of thousands due to a scam.

    Investor X lives in a foriegn country with no extradition.

    Investor X is not a citizen of any of the following countries.

    Investor X has the internet at his disposable

    Investor X can exact justice sas he may see fit. The pain never has to start or end with that person directly.

    Stevie you have to have alot of balls and belief that no one will hold you accountable.

    Guys from ENRON did too, some of them were found in not the greatest conditions.

    Bernie's son ended up committing suicide.

    My few bucks I couldn't care less about, but I am wondering if anyone fits in to the lottery above? If they do, would you be worried about them?

    Anyways, I am sure this isn't a scam and it will all work out.

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