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  • terrylndn terrylndn Nov 25, 2011 1:46 AM Flag

    A special edition of TerryTV

    Greetings fellow IMGG'ers, and the rest of America.

    I have a very important message for all of you, bashers and pumpers alike, and I hope you share this with MANY, MANY friends of yours (bashers don't have friends, so maybe just post this somewhere, ok?)

    I was coming back from a Thanksgiving Day dinner this evening, and thought I'd stop into Walmart to see what "Black Friday" deals they had. The store was supposed to be opened at 10 PM, rather than the ridiculous 5 AM specials they've had in previous years. I got there maybe around 10:45 PM.

    To my surprise, the parking lot was FULL. I had to park at a restaurant, off property. This is a Super Walmart (ie, they sell groceries there along with other goods). The place was PACKED!

    People's carts were full, and many others were waiting for 12 midnight, when other certain special deals were becoming available.

    I couldn't help but to think, all of this massive buying, is really going to help China's economy even MORE. Too bad so few of the items sold at Walmart are made in America, or OUR economy would be going up, and MANY more Americans would be employed, to make those goods. But, sadly, I'll bet 95% of all their items on sale, are made in China or elsewhere overseas.

    I encourage everyone to buy American where possible, though I certainly understand if you can't. It's nearly impossible.

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