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  • ljkp2004 ljkp2004 Apr 27, 2010 4:20 PM Flag

    CEO denies rumors, FDIC repo pending

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    Soros Fund Management and Open Society Institute Asked for $250 Million to Fund Acquisitions and Launch Zero Interest Mortgage Products Nationally!
    All Bankers Ships Float Higher With a Rising Tide

    The banking sector in Washington State is on fire!

    Banner Corporation Bank Stock has more than doubled and Frontier Financial Corporation Bank stock has more than tripled since March 4th, 2010 when Alex S. Gabor and Associates, Investment Bankers with offices being set up in New York, Seattle and Budapest, were hired by the Infinite Freedom Foundation of King County to manage its' future investment portfolio.

    Gabor and his Associates have been hired to underwrite about $20 Billion in business which includes book running more than ten billion in zero interest mortgages and acquiring eight banks in Washington State!

    "These 8 banks will have an exclusive license to make a market in zero interest mortgage paper underwritten by the Infinite Freedom Foundation in a proposed joint venture with the Open Society Institute of New York, founded by world famous financier George Soros, my blood relative," said Gabor Sandor Acs, the Hungarian born Director of the Foundations worldwide!

    Recently six separate law firms have filed lawsuits against Frontier Financial Corp. and several of its executives, alleging that the bank violated Securities and Exchange Commission rules by "issuing materially false and misleading statements."

    Frontier Bank has close to a billion dollars worth of non-performing loans as reported in its most recent annual report as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    But on Monday, April 26th, Frontier Financial Corp stock soared on the news that the Infinite Freedom Foundation was in the process of making a bid for the entire company for $8.88 per share in a simultaneous bid for Banner Corporation and Crystal River Capital of New York!

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    • It seems to me that this is not the first time that Gabor S. Acs, aka Alex S. Gabor, aka The PennyKing, has done something like this. '03-04 the SEC was on him, with a big fine about something that sounds a lot like this in NV.

      I find it hard to believe that George Soros is involved, but...who knows.