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  • bankinfoman bankinfoman Sep 5, 2007 7:55 PM Flag

    Near Term Events

    The following near-term events will push up TFSL:

    1. Fed Cuts interest rates - TFSL trades over $12.00

    2. TFSL announces the payment of a dividend - Over $13.00

    3. TFSL announces first (of many) buybacks - Over $14.00

    It will probably happen in this order over the next 8 months.

    By 12/2008 we should be somewhere between $16 and $20. Those are very conservative numbers.

    Good Luck Longs!

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    • i think this bank is seeing increased volume of quality conforming loan production there is a lot less lenders on the stage and we loaded with excess cash and can get a lot more cash through a second step if needed , while no one can predict the future , but , this bank may grow very fast in this climate of low rates and less competeion , again i like the risk reward , and if wrong , i hope that this extreamly low evtry point will provide lot of protection ....adjusted book is about 100% here , so when you buy TFSL you get the bank for free , it is traDING AS IF the franchise is worth nothing extra . i say in this new market real depsoits are worth more .................if TFSL is successful you make alot , if not i submit from an entry point of book , the losses will be minor or may even make a gain by being wrong but right on valuation....i guess i luv cheap stocks!!!! joco

    • I think you should try rehab. Fed cut is baked into price, thrift are getting squeezed, TFSL is in Cleveland and recession and slowdown hurts hard in the rustbelt.

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      • I beg to differ. Only the FIRST fed cut is BAKED-IN. Today's employment number gives the Fed the GREEN LIGHT, and they will start to cut soon. Many more cuts coming. Financials will ALL go up.
        Also look at today's action. Dow Down over 200. Most financials down. TFSL UP nicely on STRONG volume.
        Excellent Sign.

    • And when they finaly do the second step to full conversion to a S&L we will be at over $30 a share. There is no downside in this stock at these levels as we are trading well below book value and the bank is extremely over capitalized . As you said after a year from the IPO date they will be doing major share buybacks to get ready for the second step. Any current shareholders still holding on will win big.

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      • wpscforyou, you say that TFSL is trading below book value, buy Yahoo statistics says the book value is $5.89. What's your figure and what's the source?


      • agree i luv the risk reward here we cannot control macro climate , but we can surely buy new positions under book and place the odds squarely in our favor

        yield slope better

        thius over capped piggies has liquidity a major asset these days

        buyback on a 30% floater yummy aint much stock and endless money to buy stock

        quality lender no subprime or 0 down wild stuff all backed buy good money down............

        tfsl is also growing but with thin margins but they are not fighting the way of this biz but going with the stream we will be a much bigger bancorp in 3 years !! go tfsl !!!!

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