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  • newdayjoac newdayjoac Apr 23, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    a second step comversion

    would be of great benefit to both regulators and shareholders

    in my opinion

    remove risks and allows the company to go on the offense in this recovery maybe banks to bot out on the cheap

    why would they not do this ?


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    • go pfs !! : ) good bank from jersey city ..

      small banks can rally after so many down years

      PFS is much better bank and better area then TFSL but it is priced accordingly

      go bancorps pick yourself a basket and hold is my best guess

      for me TFSL is a mystery it is very cheap and of nice size what ido not like is the fellow who runs it , the mhc structure , locations are not the best ...

      lots of very cheap bancorps to chose...pick a basket for spring


    • i would love it because i am sitting on a boatload of stock, one of my largest positions. unfortunately it hasn't done too much. furtunately my cost basis is around 8.50 so i am not screwed!
      i can't understand how the mou has not been lifted yet. with sub 3% non performers this stock happens to be one of the cleanest in the peer group. baffles my mind.....

      this stock has an easy 20% upside on 1 of 2 pieces of news. i, and many others, are just waiting for the news!!!

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      • because I'll tell you why.
        Obviously the regulator's palms are being greased by some large local bank (PNC ?? Huntington?? who knows) to keep Third Federal stuck in time, tick off all the stock holders, and maybe they can buy Third Fed for real cheap. I don't own a lot of this stock but I have (had) a lot of faith in this bank and it is a shame what the gov't regulators have done to this bank. Marc & others should just go private again. Not worth it!

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