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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Sep 16, 2008 7:52 PM Flag

    Oxford Club

    I have to admit, that the oxford club steered me to a lo9t of high paying dividend stuff......... until they didnt. Meaning, they looked like geniuses in 2002-2005 but as I am now finding out from other members, they are simply a bunch of guys who know the market better than most.....but they are getting stopped out of their recommendations left and right recently and their perpetual money portfolio may never recover back to the price you bought the stuff at. Big deal you get a nice divvy. You coulda just bought canadian oil and gas trusts 5 years ago and be sitting with 15% yields even at todays prices. Or bought PCU or FDG and made a huge capital gain "and" a huge divvy. Im definitely not renewing my subscription to O.C. Especuially since they fill your mail box and your email box with more spam than a ghetto supermarket shelf! Out of control!
    I bought FAX which is also in their perpetual money portfolio just a month ago. I am sick to my stomach. Its not their fault as I believe that all the oxford etf's are victims of naked short selling raids. But that doesnt mean they will recover any time soon! Its criminal for DSU,HIX,FAX to have lost like 10% in a month. They are bonds for gods sake!!!! would be the time to buy em all. If you have any money left!

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    • The only one who makes money belonging to the Oxford Club, is the Oxford Club!

    • Funny what you folks - say about the Oxford Club - I sent them this e-mail a week or two ago:

      "Dear OC, I found the latest issue to be an enigma...I did not find 1 piece of "new" investment info in it...It was a compendiumn of praise btwn co-workers, and massive advertizement for upgrades to other newsletter, books, etc.

      I expect better from OC in the future!"

      They are somehwat pathetic with their sessless, shamless promotions...Also, I tried 3 or so of their executive/premiumn newsleters costing 1,000$ or more - and they all turned out to be bombs! - Try getting a long-term trading record from them. You can't in most cases if i recall correctly.


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      • Joe,

        My feeling is, if you cant get their best information for $79 a year in regular oxford club, why would anyone then shell out more money? After all, no one can buy all the holdings they recommend anyway in the regular letter!!!! -)

        Another thing, since 2002 we have been in a sort of bull market, so its easy to look good. In a bear almost no one makes money on the long side. So.....when the market just goes sideways for 6 months.that to me shows who the winners are! Yes, oxford under their publisher called agora, has many other cheaper newsletters that focus on oil and gas, another on all kinds of metal stocks. Both looked like geniuses.......until the last 3 months and now many of them have given back a years gains in 3 months. To hell with that. My take , my lesson in all this is buy real assetts(commodities)and buy when insiders buy. You cnat lose on that situation. Me, I own a ton of RIO and I can almost assure anyone hear that it will outperforM ANY BOND FUND from this day forward over next 5 years. So will likely BHP which I got from oxford club at 13 and sold the damn thing. My fault.

    • I have thought about buyin some at this price just to avg but don't trust them. U are right about one thing they sure send lots of sh-t in the mail and e-mail.I am not going to renew, the paper coming to the house in mail is just too much and it is always the same trying ti get u to upgrade.

    • I also fell into Oxford's perpetual money funds - back in June 2007. I sold almost everything 5 months ago and dropped my membership.

      what really pissed me off (beyond losing so much money), was what Oxford didn't tell me. The funds go for a constant distribution - which, if earnings are not sufficient, will include part of the "principle" base. i only realized this after reading the funds statements - so shame on me for "trusting" oxford, but i really think these guys should be sued and shut down as an advisory investment service!!

      DSU is the last of my pert holdings. i had small success selling on up-trends. was looking for 5.40 on dsu before dumping the last of it, but this last pull back sets that idea on its a$$.

      GL to anyone in this fund. imo, either hold it for its dividend (and think of your lost princple as a "death in the family", ie never to return) or sell on an up tick and move on.

      as for oxford - cancel and get a refund for the remaining subscription. they'll still spam you with investor's univ, which will give you all their "good" ideas - not that you should even consider anything they say!!!

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      • You are way over-reacting.

        I have been following some but not all of their research since 2003. They are a bunch of smart people that are paid well. Are they right all of the time? No. But more often than not they are correct. Every asset in the world is down at this juncture, it's unprecedented in the past 60 years, so don't blame them.

        DSU's yield is now, what... almost 20%? How long do you think this will last? 2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? If I had more $ I would be buying. Look at history - it teaches us that during times of recession junk bonds tank - so load up, and when we come out of this economic malaise, ride DSU to prosperity!

    • I am also in the oxford club and I'm losing about 25% in the so called safe perpetual money portfolio. I am not to happy at this point and very disappointing at this time. It would take years to recover my money at this rate.

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      • Rocky, I myself started an investment message board on yahoo in 2003 and I gave perfect advice and did not follow it 100% as I thought oxford club guys were smarter. I told my subscribers...only buy stocks with dividends that also have insider buying. If you stick with that rule you are at least on the side of the smart money. Although in this bear market, nothing is working. Even Warren Buffett I am sure is losing his shirt. But he has many shirts!

    • I used to be in DSU, but glad I got out cause was @10% premium- too much for me. My broker wanted me to stay- Ha!
      I'm in FAX been years- USD not likely to get too much stronger- if/when gold resumes^ Fax will too- Good to ck for NAV & discounts

    • Yield chasing is a fools game.

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