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  • imthegreatest99 imthegreatest99 Apr 7, 2003 5:26 PM Flag

    Great News!

    Appealing the delisting! Management has now earned their bonuses for next year. They're doing a great job.

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    • No joke on me Johnny. As I posted several months back, I would sell if no significant good news in 6 months. Took a pretty good hit but gaining it back on some other investments as I post. Hope eveyone else prospers here that have held onto . I just lost all hope when no news by the first of the year re; phase 3,management bonuses, loan repayments with stock that dropped to .80 and additional lawsuits frivilous or not. Not a good scenerio setting up in my book. Just wish I hadn't had as much faith in the Lilly deal. I actually could've made some $$ a few times but didn't want to take the chance of being out of stock when the news came out.

    • At this point, the bonuses taken by management are tantamount to embezzlement. I hope you read this Anna et all, here comes the class-action. You will not keep my money without a fight !!

      Get off your asses and do what it takes to go forward, this is becoming a bad joke. If you are the problem, get out. If Lilly's the problem, get them out. It appears that you're sitting on great technology, I can't believe that you are unable to raise eyebrows in the investment community.