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  • BagOBucks BagOBucks Apr 8, 2003 4:41 PM Flag

    Great News!

    At this point, the bonuses taken by management are tantamount to embezzlement. I hope you read this Anna et all, here comes the class-action. You will not keep my money without a fight !!

    Get off your asses and do what it takes to go forward, this is becoming a bad joke. If you are the problem, get out. If Lilly's the problem, get them out. It appears that you're sitting on great technology, I can't believe that you are unable to raise eyebrows in the investment community.

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    • What does this stock move to if the Lilly deal is axed and trials are initiated independently?

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      • Independently? Generex doesn't have the ability to fund such an endeavor or expertise that's why they got involved with Lilly in the first place IMHO. Even if they did initiate trials on there own, would Lilly agree to license generex to use it's oralin in their device and how would generex pay for it? The mistake management made with the deal they made with Lilly was not getting a concrete time table for initiating phase 3 IMHO. Then there's the issue of having an FDA approved manufacturing facility and the ability to manufacture enough product to meet demand all of which requires alot of $$ generex does'nt have and apparently hasn't had much success in getting. I recall something about financing last summer which hasn't come to the table so far. For the sake of those left here, I hope generex pulls a trick out of the bag, but I just don't see it.