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  • ln021073 ln021073 Apr 30, 2004 10:25 AM Flag

    Wow, people just buy at market price..

    No bid nowaday

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    • No - I'm not the Kinko's manager but I have to agree that was some of the funniest sh-- I've ever seen.

      I love the guys who can barely write in English and they keep switching their ID's. It's so funny. I really want to believe that nobody can be swayed by that and I think a lot of the work that many of us have done in exposing them has helped.

      However, I do know that there are many quick traders and day traders who ARE influenced by message board activity on various levels and I do believe that there are paid bashers in highly volatile turn around companies.

      My own experience, and I've done very well, playing it, indicates that these patterns are very repetitive.

      The traditional wisdom, and what I believed 2 years ago, is that a message board can't influence price, that there are no MM games and that it's all fundamentals or TA. I'm heavily into studying and becoming an activist in many areas and I have contacts in both the private and public sector.

      Some of the stuff that will happen over the next few years will be very interesting.

      I'm noticing some big bids coming in on this one here <GGGGG>

    • Yea, I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of the 40 cent swing yesterday and day before. But....Long term great company. Hey, you aren't by any chance the "kinkos_manager" are you. Funny stuff! It's funny how some people mess with the bashers. Get a good chuckle!


    • I sold a little the day it hit over 3 but have most of my AVAN.

      It's acting great, don't you think. I'm actually surprised but the chart is as good as I've seen on anything over the past market tank.

      I'm hoping the AVAN bashers move it down a bit more as I would buy that heavily.

      I don't like GNBT as much as AVAN, but you may have more leverage and it is way oversold. If you don't have any shares, then you might want to just buy a speculative position.

      It's held $1 today, but the market has been heading back off the lows.

    • Someone is receiving assistance in order to buy cheap shares.

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