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  • davrober48 davrober48 Apr 29, 2009 9:25 AM Flag

    New Swine flu theory from Mexico researchers


    Now it's a possibility the flu was transmitted from San Diego to the Mexican town where the epidemic was thought to start by constant immigration back and forth between the US and Mexico . Mexican researchers are looking into this possibility that it actually started in the US. How does this affect GNBT . It doesn't directly but indirectly this now goes from blaming mexico to being a US problem and that will increase Govt participation in funding flu medication production. If this is a US problem then it will spread here very fast and the gov't will use all it's resources to ramp up production in synthetic vaccine production. We could get a piece of the pie, then again maybe not. Point is nobody knows

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    • The best thing about the 'Mexican' theory will be that, as usual, anything that goes wrong in the world is the fault of the US! We Americans will quickly begin to admit our guilt, express our shame, and start handing out money to the World to buy their forgiveness. In the meantime, our money will be openly accepted as the world quietly snickers at our stupidity! Good luck America!