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  • d_33_99_55 d_33_99_55 Dec 15, 2006 9:50 AM Flag

    Video Footage of Iraq Not Seen by the West Until Approx. 4 Weeks Ago

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    • Well I meant it with all my heart........anyone who doesn't recognize that we're standing on the shoulders of those that came before us is blatantly ignorant, too self-absorbed for words, or just an all arond jerk who will probably die rich and lonely.

      God help us if we stay this way.

    • Wwwow....I am pretty emotional, and, for me, that was a powerful heart rendering testimonial.


    • Hey Hap & Jim.......Please don't feel all those in their 20's - 40's are passive idiots, even though there are plenty of examples out there.

      I am trying desperately to instill in my children the ethic and appreciation of this country that your generation gained through real trials and tribulations......not our present worries - the ups and downs of the market - but the realization that this country could lose its freedoms through its lack of understanding real threats.

      I too agree this war was started 30+ years ago.......heck, I'd have to say it was started thousands of years ago by the exact same group, who will NOT be satisfied until we bow to their religion or die. It's painfully obvious for those with eyes to see, but for the self-immersed coward.........they're blind.

      Thank you and your generation for enabling the spoiled babblers to even exist, and I hope your sacrifice for our freedoms won't shamefully end up the downfall of this nation at the hands of the spoiled.

    • <worth nearly 3000 American lives>
      The lives of every brave American, lost in middle east, who volunteers to protect our safety and security are precious. Also precious are the lives of the marines killed in Beruit in 1983, those lost in Somalia, those lost in West African Embassies, those lost on USS Cole, those lost on TWA lockerbie flight, those KILLED IN ACTION at World Trade Center in both 1993 and 2001. The 450,000 lost in WWII were precious. Were their personal sacrifices to protect your liberties and feedoms worth it...that's a question you will have to ask youself and explain to your children.

      Yes we see constant news reports of the violence in BAGHDAD. We hear no news about their growing economy, the great progress that military people have told me about, outside Bagdhad. We also saw the violence committed Spanish and English commuters. The violence in Baghdad, London and Spain all bother me, and I am greatful it is not occurring in the United States.

      You ask "Do you think we're safer today than we where pre 911?" Yes I do, but I feel much less safe than I felt on Sept 10, 2001. I ask you do you think YOU'RE safer than pre 9/11. And if not, what has occurrred in the United States that makes do you perceive YOU are not...other than the constant drumbeat of the BUSH hating mainstream media? I'm saddened you're not interested in fact there were no further attacks in the United States after 9/11. Is that dissappointing to you? Do you wish our loosing the war against terrorism as it appears so many from the left wish? Their personal and politcal hate of Gearge Bush seems so strong they are willing to sacrifice safety and security to "destroy" his efforts to defeat terrrorism.

      Ah yes, the 8 year span after WTC criminal attack of 1993, not an act of the cops. All the other attacks against our off shore properties between 1993 and 2001...YAWN...mean nothing to you--Wake up and smell the coffee. They were all acts of war. The sooner you are willing to accept the fact that a war has been waged on us for 3 decades, the sooner we can win that war.


    • Hap, and Jim. In 2004 you where both flaming supporters of the current administration especially there policy in Iraq. Yes we all agree that world is a better place without Saddam, but was it worth nearly 3000 American lives, thousands injured, and the violence that seems to get worse by the day in Iraq. Do you really believe America is headed in the right direction? Do you think we're safer today than we where pre 911? And please don't bring up that America has not been attack since then. Don't forget there was a span of eight years between WTC attacks after 93. It's not a good argument. And please don't compare Saddam to Hitler.

    • Morning Hap, the market is a little slow, so a little diversion kind of wakes me up. The monk is obviouly another anti American. I remember when he first posted, he started out with some racist crap. I can just visualize that he has a couple of gerbels running on a treadmill to power his computer.

    • I suppose the train runs on rice wine?

    • Discussing anything with these 2 guys is a waste of your and my time. They are cutting and pasteing right out of DNC talking points playbook. Our time is short, and they each have about 70 years left to learn the hard lessons in blood, same as we had to do.


    • <What a joke!!>

      Look in the mirror.........end of discussion.


    • Your feeding those bad, bad, CEO's by investing in the stock market.

      That makes you a hypocritter.

      Do not feel bad you cannot see it.

      Hey, Hey it's the monkeys...

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