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  • dhrosier dhrosier May 20, 1998 12:36 PM Flag



    The similarity between RMTR and RCOM and a
    company I first bought 10 years ago, 3D Systems (TDSC),
    keeps nagging at me. 3D's product uses computer data
    sets for engineering designs to make 3 dimensional
    models of whatever, auto carburetors for example, or a
    model of a human heart using CAT scan data for practice

    3D has had its ups and downs but it has not achieved
    the soaring success I expected from such a novel
    concept (in 1987). What I learned was that there were
    competing products but they did not have the quality of
    output that 3D did. {Compare to Symetrix and others.}
    3D's quality came at a rather high price. (more echos)
    And a lot of very bright and powerful groups started
    working on a lot of research on the basic concept of 3
    dimensional prototype modelling. (sound familiar)

    contrast, 3D was successful in getting their product into a
    large number of very large manufacturing companies,
    essentially all of the autos and most of the aerospace as I
    recall, but they still did not achieve the market
    dominance or profit level they should have commanded, in my

    RMTR and RCOM have made considerable progress in
    resolving the things holding them back. With the JV
    partners their cost of chip production should drop
    precipitously to a competitive level. It would appear that
    there is an awakening at Racom to the need to blow
    their own horn with the news of revenues from the DC

    I expect to get flamed to some extent as 3D is in a
    different business, but I am sufficiently curious if anyone
    else might see these parallels and have any
    constructive thoughts.

    This topic is deleted.