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  • i_am_mothra_stewart i_am_mothra_stewart Jan 19, 2010 2:23 PM Flag

    Sold 1/2 at about 15.95

    I will buy back on a significant pullback, but I'm mostly out of this stock for now.

    It's still a significant position in my portfolio, but much less so.


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    • WHERE IS MOTHRA--she who sold at $15.95? Mothra, resurface from your lair beneath the waves!

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      • Oh, I'm around, buddy.

        I am making big money in BOOM right now.

        I bought just a bit over a week ago around $17. Today it passed $19. Announces earnings this week.

        I had buy orders in for MAPP in the 12-13.50 area and did not get filled. Today I bought a very small amount just to make sure it stays on my radar screen. It is probably trading up with the sector (see DNDN).


    • In banks I've traded BAC and WFC since March 10th of 2009 (usually long). FITB looks to be on a pretty consistent uptrend.

      I just bought CREE and VECO yesterday. They are both in the LED lighting space, which is a rapidly expanding market. I think they could both double from here pretty quickly but, as always, it is a bit of a gamble.

      I also just sold the last of my DNDN at $35.50, for an average sale of about $36 (purchased at $32).

      MAPP is soaring. I am still interested in owning the stock, but not at the current price near $17.


    • buddybeaty Mar 11, 2010 10:11 AM Flag

      Never even heard of CREE, I will take a look thanks.
      I have been watching bank stocks the last couple of months. Check out FITB. This stock is a traders dreams. I have probably been in & out of this 30 times in the last month.

    • I'm just thinking I might have to wait till closer to the April release for any weakness. Also AAPL P/E ratio is not exorbitant at 21. I am going to put a tight stop on it in the meantime and look for other opportunities.

      Have you seen CREE? Interesting stock I wish I'd found a year ago.


    • buddybeaty Mar 10, 2010 4:12 PM Flag

      Thanks for the DNDN tip.
      On AAPL, I am sticking with the buy rumors sell news montra, backwards of course since I am short.
      I think alot of people are buying but once it is released and not near as good as the hype, we will see a pull back down to the $180.00 mark.
      Just hpe the $25K I have in this one is not dead money for too long.

    • DNDN has been one of the best cash-machines for me of the last few years. If you look at the chart over the last few years, you will two huge pops. There was some luck involved, certainly, but I was in on both of them, the first time from $14 to $24 and the second from $6 to $20-something.

      This latest trade is from $32.50 and I sold half yesterday at $36.50. Still holding half.

      This AAPL short is not looking good at the moment. Not sure how much time I want to give it. It might be better to cover and come back to it closer to the iPad release.


    • buddybeaty Mar 9, 2010 4:25 PM Flag

      Hello my friend.
      I closed my MAPP as well. I did go short AAPL at 223. Also Short INCY at $12.59 and short MGM at 11.72.
      Feeling a liitle bearish lately.
      I will look into the DNDN, don't know much about this one or how it behaves.
      Happy Trading,

    • I guess I should inform you all that I sold the rest of my shares around 15.50 today (right now the stock is at 15.47, up 0.62 on the day).

      It was a great run, and I might be back. But today I am selling long positions and building up cash.

      I also just sold MNTA in the 15.10's for a meager gain of only around 10 cents/share on my purchase.

      I'm still holding DNDN at the moment (up $4/share on my entry at the moment. The stock is at $36.31). But I am looking for an exit there as well.

      I just added to AAPL short at ~222.50.


    • Your timing is great lately.

      I'm still holding the same MAPP position I've had since I last sold. I'm not planning on adding unless it gets down into the low 13's or if I think it will break range again to the upside.

      Other than that, I bought some DNDN around 32 (now at about 35.50) and I covered my GOOG short just in time, just before it broke out. It's been a good few weeks!


    • buddybeaty Feb 24, 2010 12:53 PM Flag

      Calling Mothra..
      Thoughts on this stock now? I went long again on Tuesdays pullback hoping for another rally in the next few days. What is with this volume lately?

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      • Hey dude, haven't been on the board much, as it was clogged with a large piece of %%%%.

        I did not add to my position in MAPP during this downturn. My buy orders have been sitting in the $12's for several months now. This volume is just what happens with low-float stocks. They have bursts of interest which spike the volume and the price. The trend is still up, in my opinion, but there will continue to be wide % swings.

        If you bought on the 23rd, you must be pretty happy now. Nice move.


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