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  • AV8B4ME AV8B4ME Jul 11, 2006 10:01 PM Flag

    Excellent call Lucky

    Just like he said man...over on his board. Oops, I spoke the name we dare not mention here huh???

    Fact is that it's a pretty crappy board without all the TA and conversations regarding that TA we use to have here. Yeah, the board is way better now!


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    • Nuan should show solid growth in income via the combination of organic growth and its acquisitions....BUT, given the cost of those acquisitions....will NUAN's quarter be in the black.....we might have to dig through the records to figure this out becuase they are filing their annual returns.....

      ....IMO the yearly data will show huge growth....but they may well be in the red for the year....(becuase of acquisitions). Clearly buying VoiceSignal etc was great for the long term economic outlook of the company....but, how will rather modest per share yearly figures be viewed by the short term investors [of which there are many]?

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      • You tell us...

      • Item 5.03. Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws; Change in Fiscal
        On November 6, 2007, the Board of Directors of Nuance Communications, Inc. approved the amendment and restatement of the corporation's bylaws. The amendment and restatement amends the bylaws to allow for book-entry ownership of shares of Nuance Communications, Inc. stock. The revisions were made to comply with The Nasdaq Stock Market requirement regarding direct registration eligibility.
        The foregoing summary of the amendment to the corporation's bylaws is qualified in its entirety by the amended and restated bylaws themselves, which are attached hereto as Exhibit 3.1 and are incorporated herein by reference. Item 9.01. Financial Statements and Exhibits.

    • Hello, All.
      As this stupid pissing off Yahoo MB format is disgusting me.
      I think we can use this topic to chronologically post our funny msgs, did you give Feedback to YAHOO for that most stupid move of the decenny by yahoo.
      NUAN go

    • Man, that is just too much! And what's with the tinkerbell music on the AboutMe page? Shmultzy! Does it come with green tights and lipstick too?

    • Lucky is all he has going for him

    • hopingsomeonewillspillthebeans hopingsomeonewillspillthebeans Jul 14, 2006 8:18 AM Flag

      hey midcap, please dont fuk this board up, quit the lucky crap, none of us care, especially when lucky isn't posting here..the more you damage the fragile ego the more he'll please I beg you, drop the lucky crap and hope he disappears again!!POOF!

    • hopingsomeonewillspillthebeans hopingsomeonewillspillthebeans Jul 14, 2006 8:13 AM Flag

      please do not start posting (50 times a day) here, it has been a nice respite to discuss the future of Nuance the stock and not what it will do minute to minute......poof! disappear!!

    • You know, life is very short, look around us, nobody cares about anybody or anything, but themselfs. We should be thankful that we can even post what we think in this country on these boards. What is the point of busting someones ass or always being negative. Are you going to say on your death bed, gee I wish I spent more time busting Luckys balls. We are all guilty, we all have a little negativity in our blood. Remember, life is short, we are just a blink in Gods eyes.

    • 53 more hits on your personal "About the Author" section of your website since I posted are welcome.

      Now call it a night and I wish you a belated Happy Birhtday a week late...

      Relax Tony, everything will be fine.

      Just a thought...
      You aren't plugging those 77 new members e-mail addresses required for your site registration into your company's e-mail spam database...are you Lucky?

    • Back on the NUAN board and injecting God into the debate when you are backed into a wall.

      Aren't you satisfied with 77 followers and your OWN site?

      If you were truly committed to would be able to forgive my revealing the truth about you.... and not tie up this board using God to defend your selfish motives on this board for the last year.

      Let it go Lucky Tony....and get back to your charts....the market is turning ugly and your "followers" don't know what to do. It's now up to you to go save them with your voodo T/A.

      At least now, after meeting the real Tony DeVito, you aren't a COMPLETE stranger to them...

      I guess God used me as a puppet again to shed some light on you before you ruined additional mutiple family financial dreams.

    • Tony

      your post to Midcap shows just the type of person you have become. It is really common for you god mongering folks to point fingers at everybody else, while exempting yourself from some basic rules of decency. It took 9 months of prodding for you to do the right thing and move your T?A to another board. During that time I saw countless examples of you ignoring the desire of others to fulfill your own selfish interest. You sir are a fricking hypocrite.

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