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  • gold_sachs_emp54757 gold_sachs_emp54757 Aug 22, 2008 3:45 PM Flag

    Deleted VoiceSignal App off BlackBerry


    Everybody I know Deleted VoiceSignal App off their BlackBerry
    to make the memory more responsive.

    I asked why and the reply was messaging is da ding my friend.

    Talk to any young teenager and they will say it will be a
    social suicide to be caught talking to a device.

    This company is for idiots and state run pension funds.
    By the way is not their money they just like to get the
    perks from WP.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • > It will be years before NUAN reports gaap positive.

      An opinion I am already aware of. But you still fail to enlighten us as to how WP is moving this stock ? This stock shows clear correlation to normal fear/greed drivers for the market in general. It moves up when the market does and it drops when the market does. It may move by different degrees but the charts are there for anyone to see.

      > Are you a new client pumping NUAN? Save yourself and your firm this stock is finished.

      Hardly. I am an individual investor. My interest is in learning what are the critical factors are that will make a company with such strong IP either succeed or fail. Given no real outcome I am still here looking to see if this can be determined for tech based companies like Nuance. The lessons learned here I think feed strongly into both Bio and Green tech companies and are instructive as to how to identify winners and losers. With a cap as large as Nuance's it in no way qualifies as a looser.

      Which makes me have to ask ... why are you here, and why on earth do you post, with such strong convictions I would have thought your participation on this board was pointless for you ? Out of your many thousands of posts I am still unable to really discover what it is that drives you to post in such volumes with such little informational change over the many years you have been here ?

    • > Contract was in the works not settled!

      Speculation or fact ? I believe that it was a done deal sometime ago. You may have better sources, do you ?, short of seeing the signatures and dates on the contract, which we never will, no way of knowing for sure.

      > will now have to deal with International Courts. NOT GOOD. NEVER IS.

      Lets clarify, this would be prosecuted in Canadian courts so its not that much of an issue as any action would be not be directed at Nokia.

      > WP is calling the shots and they will be the ones to take down NUAN.

      Any why exactly will they do that ? I can understand them selling to take profits but given their later purchases at high prices I find this assertion difficult to treat as being valid.

      > Next week will see more days like today.

      That we might but I believe the simplest explanation is probably the best and market conditions are obviously driving Nuance more than anything else currently.

      Sector and industry index's, since the beginning of this year at least, bear strong correlation to Nuance's price movements. The S&P 500 is at -%13.14, Nuance at -%13.53 sounds like little scope for any manipulation claims there.

    • Everybody I know! LMAO!!!!! you know somebody? LMAO!!! 24/7
      on this board and maybe a few more MB how to you have time to know anybody idiot!

      • 1 Reply to minuano6_9_8
      • True story.
        My 17 years old son and I were driving home from playing a round of golf earlier this summer. He gets a phone call in the car. His conversation goes like this, and I am not kidding,
        "Yeah, OK, OK, OK, Uh huh, OK"
        That was the total conversation from his side. But here is the kicker. He spent the next 15-20 minutes texting the same friend. When we got home I asked him why he just didn't talk to his friend since they were obviously both on the phone. He looked at me like I had three heads and simply replied, "What!?"
        The truth is texting is perfect for the youthful market. But that in no way means that Nuance can't or won't lead VR into mainstream society. There are just too many applications, and users, for this company to do anything but succeed long term.

    • Great research - dickwad - young teenagers? Your a tard!


    • Interesting observation by Goldy on young users. My 6 kids, youngers already 20, and three grandchildren, all into this stuff say "they wouldn't want to be caught using their fingers when they can talk to a machine. 21st Century--don't miss it!!!

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