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  • minuano6_9_8 minuano6_9_8 Aug 26, 2008 11:24 AM Flag

    Deleted VoiceSignal App off BlackBerry

    Everybody I know! LMAO!!!!! you know somebody? LMAO!!! 24/7
    on this board and maybe a few more MB how to you have time to know anybody idiot!

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    • True story.
      My 17 years old son and I were driving home from playing a round of golf earlier this summer. He gets a phone call in the car. His conversation goes like this, and I am not kidding,
      "Yeah, OK, OK, OK, Uh huh, OK"
      That was the total conversation from his side. But here is the kicker. He spent the next 15-20 minutes texting the same friend. When we got home I asked him why he just didn't talk to his friend since they were obviously both on the phone. He looked at me like I had three heads and simply replied, "What!?"
      The truth is texting is perfect for the youthful market. But that in no way means that Nuance can't or won't lead VR into mainstream society. There are just too many applications, and users, for this company to do anything but succeed long term.

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      • Thanks for the great example of Urban Mythology. When someone 'calls and talks' to another teen who texts back, I suspect that six short positive responses could be keyed to the following type of questions:

        Hey, you hangin boffo, Brutus? (yeah)
        Good, ready for the hot and heavy this eve? (ok)
        Cool, you wanna rave with Eros and Electra again? (ok)
        Done deal, I will drive and pick you up at, say, 8ish? (ok)
        Man, Cat vised your tickler?, your Dad there? (unhuh)
        What I thought, just text me specifics of The Plan!(ok)

        Anyway, this is how it sort of goes with mine. Forgive the poetic injustice.

      • Good thing that Nuance owns Tegic T9 then. Txt vs speech is pretty much a pointless conversation as Nuan owns both along with all the IP.

        Anyone not returning your calls is maybe a sign of the standing of a grumpy old uncle with his teenage relatives, this is no personal statement I hope you understand, rather than the failure of a technology.

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