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  • sixgunsammy sixgunsammy May 27, 2009 11:45 AM Flag

    The "ONE" nominates a racist....Classic!

    you know the funny thing is that the white male followers of "the one" don't get the fact that they are the ones who are being hunted to extinction. the white male is the one in the crossears of racism. It is the white male who is constantly being discriminated against. "The one" can't make the white male dumber and cant' make minorities smarter, so he appoints a racist judge who supports legislation that attempts to throw a few bags of "stupid sand" to make things a little more fair (affirmative action).

    You know, when I was a kid my brother went out deer hunting and I'll be damned if mid afternoon I didn't see him walking down the road with a shotgun in his hand with a procession of about 20 cars and one female yearling (doe deer) following right behind him. Yes, the deer was following him. It sort of reminds me of the white males who are following "the mesiah". they don't get the fact that it is white male season in america.

    And yes, the deer ended up being a tamed deer from the reserve we lived near. It escaped harm. I don't think the white males in america will be so lucky without a conservative landslide in 2010.

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    • then perhaps you should start acting like an american with american values instead of a leftist POS.

    • your comments only go to show your lack on knowledge and understanding.

      who gives a sh1t about no bid contracts when you compare that to ACORN? Who gives a sh1t about dick and his minions siphoning off 100's of millions when Obama and his are taking trillions?

      And another thing you simple rat, at least GW didn't take any crap and kiss the a$$ of Iran and Hugo down in Ven. The mesiah is worhtless. He is trying to destroy the very fabric of our country and turn the US into a commuinst state that is weaker and unable to defend itself. All the while, China has now started mock war games against the United States.

      So you simple little f3ck, you should wake up and stop listening to your acorn friends and your liberal arts professors. In the real world, people like me work our a$$ off for the money we have and you maybe surprised at how hard you will find you life in the future if you think that we are just going to sit back and allow someone to take that money without a fight.

      Good luch with that, but I would plan on still being stupid and poor when it's over.


    • He is a TRAITOR working for US overseas! He is messed up with RUSH! A dittohead who does not know how fcked up his thinkin is!

    • starky,

      If you don't live here the shut up!! Who we elect is none of your business.

    • starky,

      If you don't live here then shut up!! Who we elect is none of your business.

    • You are a dope. I did not vote for Obama.

    • Russia, China, Iran, N.Korea laughing fron Jan 20, 2009- Were the heck were you when they were laughing at CHIMP.

      Were the heck were you when money was spent for nation building OIL RICH IRAQ with NO BID contracts and DICK and his minions were siphoning off money! Hope you were not part of the GANG who was stealing and now your games have ended that your bitter!

    • every notice that when starky, air or i post facts, a$holes like smallmind calls us racist.

      The fact is that you are stupid. Your rights are being taken away from you, your money is being given to non citizens, and your mesiah is bowing to and praising the enemy. North Korea laughs in our face as they test nukes. China laughs as they antagonize our ships in international waters. Iran thumbs their nose at us and laughs at the one and his moron of a sec. of state. Russia laughs at us.

      Yes, the one is really looking after your family. His strategy is to abandon our allies and befriend our enemies. How is that working so far.

      you are a piece of crap. You are worthless. Starky and air are right, you are stupid.

    • Anyone notice how Starky's interpretations of statements in English are just as inaccurate as Sixgun's. It's as if they both went to the School of Illogic. Airlifter and pseudonyms may also be graduates (magna cum laude) of that institution.

    • 5 stars starky

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