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  • captnmcg captnmcg May 17, 2010 4:08 PM Flag

    OT: PRChilds

    Hey Pat, What a fricking roller coaster. Check out what WNR has done today and over the last week. It is up about 15% in the last 5 trading days. Got an upgrade today. I still have a ton of that. There is about a 20% short interest so it could get interesting if the squeeze starts kicking in. I know you owned it before. The widening crack spreads help these guys and I like the way it is still selling for 2/3 of book. Nice comeback today in the market, hopefully it spells good things for tomorrow. I think oil may have bottomed short term today and got a little more NXY today. Take care, Tim

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    • You were right! I saw futures up huge last night at 2am, and we held the gains!!!

      Great,.. I will go to OT

    • Go to OT: Pat, this one is getting long. Bottom line is I think we rally from here and am staying in. I think the correction is over.

    • Man, I was out for the day with my brother in law. I saw futures way up 2am today, before sleeping, so I gave myself the day off even looking at the market. We gave up a triple digit gain closing down? This is really nuts huh..

      Tim, your opinion what going on and the next coming weeks.?

      Euro I just read hit a low, they blame this for the selling..?
      I got home nd had to ask my wife how the market did, and I promised myself a day of rest, she said down so I had to look.

      PLease Tim, let me know what you are doing... I respect your insights really...

      I have come close to pulling the trigger and dumping a lot of stuff, but.... That end of day sell off is killing us, and shows no conviction. Are these traders jumping in and out the end of day?

      Wish I had not looked, I thought based on the futures we would close higher! I was feeling good!!!

      Take it easy..

    • What the heck was that?? Down 200 to close down 23? THis is nuts, I had a buy in yesterday for 5000 TER to trade today, but saw futures getting crushed so chickened out and cancelled it about 2am last night. My buy would have hit, and I would have been up for the day haha, but I had to cancel. I need the nads to test a trade, but I am very nervous. Would have worked out in this case, but I would have been kicking myself half the day think what a dumb Arse.....

      Again, this would be bullish in a normal market closing off those lows, but I need to see stability before buying. If I miss a 200 point run, so be it.

      I think the Nasdaq now wants to come back stronger than the DOW. Yesterday ws up most of the day until the selloff.

      Apple getting bullish news, someone said I think Merryl Lynch they see 400 bucks a share..? Hmmm...

      Well, I need a nice stable day to relax! Even if we close down a bit, but not a 270 point roller coaster!

      Take care Tim.


    • Me tooo....

      I should not have asked my wife when I did and sold it all when we went back to 10800, She said stay in....I would have had losses on many stocks, but so what. now......

      I felt this a week ago, but try to stay hopeful, but no more. I need to jump out of many positions.

      There is nothing Tim to give us a jolt to go higher, I think the trend is lower for some time. dammi^^***


    • At this rate we may see 9600 today. I think 1040 support level in the S&P is key, but I'm am losing faith it will hold very long. Total loss of confidence building everywhere. It makes no sense to me but that doesn't mean anything. The market can stay irrational longer than I can stay in the green. This just sucks. Still holding but wishing I hadn't.

    • Overseas plunging.. I;m going to get out of a lot of my holdings this week. I think we are in for a fre efall once we break below 10000. I think a psychological point , we may see 9600 this week!



    • I agree, we will likely head lower before a big jump higher. I have a nice portfolio, but mainly last year was my best year ever after trading 15 years. I went through the dot com bust, made good money before March of 2000, not the levels I trade now. Apple I have traded since 2004/2005, and is my biggest holding by far, but I have about 35 other companies also! I never managed that many at once, and would not suggest doing so! I want to trim it down to a more manageable level, 20 at the most. Apple being my core holding, I used to trade it doubling down on its huge swings, but now I am just holding her. That 2008 selloff in November sent so many stocks to their lows. My wifes company went from the high 20's to 2.55 in November! Wyndham Hotels, symbol WYN. It raced back to 8 and change in Jan 2009, only to fall below 3 in March when we hit our lows in the S&P of 666 ( wow, bad number huh).

      I held a lot of my shares in that bust, like you said not wanting to take losses, or at that point my average price in Apple was 110, after the trades in and out, so I could have sold her at 160 when the banks began to be taken over in September 2008. I was actually on vacation here in Peru, we arrived Friday, Saturday all nice, and Sunday I saw our government took over Fannie/Freddie, I knew then we were in big trouble, but could never imagine the carnage. Had I sold then, I would have maybe 8 times what I have now, seriously, but you are hesitant to hit that sell button!! haha.... I can laugh, but its painful. Could be retired now at 43!

      I like NUAN, I like the posts here, and CAPTNMAG is a great guy. We have given each other good buys in the past, this year not as successful.. STX, STEC, arggggggg

      Last year, was a once in a lifetime time where stocks were so oversold. I mean WYN at 2.75 in March, hit 28 in April this year. GNW , DNDN, and so many others, so cheap, but remember how cary it was in March and into April even, you did not know if you will lose everything, or jump in. I dared to jump in, and it was great. a few duds I thought would do ok, RIMM, yuck, missed a lot of other opportunities holding that thing through 2 earnings periods before dumping. Why I went outside of Apple is beyond me. Still a great company.

      I love tech, SNDK, TER, BRCM, AAPL of course, and many other names I own currently. May caught me offguard. I saw the end of April people selling off a lot of tech names like MU, etc, but the market was still high. Someone was in the know!

      Well good luck to you,, where are you located at in the states?
      I think I spoke to you before... I left Orlando to move to Lima Peru so my wife could be closer to her fmily after 18 years. I live off of my trades, and holdings plus a couple rentals in the states. I left my job of 18 years, and am bored to death! I can never retire!!!! I was in the IT field, so I was able to trade all hours, so I was fortunate. I could be online all the time, so I could trade. NICE.

      What types of stocks beside NUAN have your eye? SNDK will pop big when we bounce, great stock for now. BRCM has held on pretty well. I have some commodity stocks I ventured into that bit me big. I am down 40% on one! TCK.... I need to stick to what I know.. Tech!


    • Although I'm probably playing with a significantly smaller portfolio than you, I can commiserate.... Coulda, woulda, shoulda sold at the end of April. The big question is are we at or near the bottom? I'm not convinced we are, but I'm having a hard time clicking the sell button to book the losses on my losers. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. But with today's close, it probably won't start out so great. NUAN did well today. Maybe it will continue.

    • Well, their went all the gains from Friday. I am losing all faith!
      We were down most of the day, but that last 15 minute swan dive, that is happing all to often, or oddly the buying last minute Friday shows me the bears are in total control. Traders maybe trying to play the dips.

      What catalyst do yu see to turn us around? I mean we cannot cut rates, no more stimulus... hmmmm...

      News of bailouts overseas do not help, well we did get a good pop a couple weeks ago, but then after hitting 10,800 plus, down we went.

      Tim, give me some inspiring words!!! haha......

      Dang, wish I had dumped most my holdings in April, too bad cannot do a do over!! haha....

      We need something to give us a jolt, I would be ok, Down down 20, maybe up 10, down 15 or 20, but too big of swings. Even the futures last night could not make up their mind! I could not sleep, so I watched them off and on for a bit....

      what to do.....?


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