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  • hooveredbyndavis hooveredbyndavis Feb 16, 2012 2:10 PM Flag

    Jobless claim hypocrisy

    Early on in Obama's administration, the bad jobless numbers were used to criticize his policies.
    Now, 3 years into it, the jobless claims are clearly improving but Obama's critics suddenly want to invalidate the metric.
    Can't have it both ways kids?

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    • All the left wing sites feed them is what they want to hear and/or believe 0_damn. That's it, if it didn't work and they didn't buy it they'd stop but they know they can control them by this and other tactics since they allow them to do it. Sad but true.

      As for obama's numbers on literally everything it's amazing at how the real worl just doesn't jive with what he is always saying and it would be real nice if he would acknowledge gas prices and the rise of them due to him and only him. Gas causes literally everything else to go up as well since it relys on gas powered vehicles to get the goods to market, and NO, solar, windmill, etc ..... powered anything isn't the answer. But then thank you obama for giving Solyndra $500 milion of taxpayer money to spend/hide/lose.

      Anyone ..... ANYONE, voting for that clown on Nov 2012 really needs to get their heads examined. Everyone makes mistakes. We are humans, but please do not make one in Nov by voting this enemy or America back into office.

      me ;)

    • Baker understands that Bush and the GOP brought us to near Armageddon and the damage will take years to undo as the Fed projects. Just the fax, GOP austerity will not help.

    • BTW, Dean baker also said this:

      "The Federal Reserve Board issued new projections for the economy last week, and they are not pretty. It projects the unemployment rate will still be 8.2 percent at the end of this year, 7.4 percent at the end of 2013, and 6.7 percent at the end of 2014. To put this in context, the unemployment rate peaked at 7.6 percent in the 1990-91 recession and never got above 6.3 percent in the 2001 recession. The Fed is projecting that seven years after the onset of the current recession, the unemployment rate will still be higher than at any point in the last recession.

      This should have people alarmed and angry since it means that millions of lives will be ruined. Workers who are unable to find jobs will not be able to support families, contributing to stress and breakups." Dean Baker


      Bet his Al Jazeera readers are lovin the

    • hoovy, I'm not interested in your left-wing

      I prefer to stick to the hard cold facts.

      I have written ad nauseum as to the flaw
      in the use a "jobless numbers".

      Any article that initiates it's arguments
      based upon a flawed metric is not worth my
      time reading.

      Let me guess, you watch MSNBC too. lol!

      $6 Trillion gone for a LOSS of 1.152 Million

      Yeah, nice job Obi...

    • Like who?

      The same metric has been used for decades.

      You do understand that the number in NO WAY
      measures the health of the economy due to
      the FACT that it doesn't tell you how many
      people that are ACTUALLY out of work or
      have given up trying to get work.

      You do understand how the number is computed,
      I hope. As people give up looking, fall off the
      unemployment rolls, retire, die, etc., jobless claims number decrease. Why? Because there
      are FEWER people qualified for benefits.

      Of course it is going to rise...Of course it
      is going to "improve".

      The Metric has been invalid since it's inception.

      Just like the Inflation Metric. Total BS!
      As your disposable income is reduced month
      after month through continuously
      higher gasoline prices and food prices,
      Uncle Sam tells us that everything
      is A-OK. ;)

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