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  • hooveredbyndavis hooveredbyndavis Feb 17, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    Another GOP felon

    You girls know the drill, we've played this game before, stop whining.
    If the racists show up I will bury them. They stop, I stop.
    Sammy and Seib got the message, Seed and his little friends are too dumb to get it.

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    • March 3, 2006

      Republican Rep. Randy
      "Duke" Cunningham pleaded
      guilty to bribery, mail fraud, wire
      fraud, and tax evasion
      surrounding defense contracts.
      He was sentenced to eight
      years and four months in prison
      and an ordered to pay $1.8
      million in restitution. The extent
      of the corruption has yet to be
      investigated. On-going
      investigations show ties to Tom
      DeLay and Jack Abramoff.

      For his FBI confession: click here

      To read the entire story go to Sign-On San Diego:

      February 20, 2008

      Major Republican fundraiser and
      defense contractor Brent Wilkes was
      sentenced to 12 years in prison for
      bribing Randy “Duke” Cunningham.
      Wilkes provided Duke with prostitutes,
      vacations, jet boats, concert and
      football tickets and large amounts of
      cash. Overall it amounted to $600,000
      in gifts and cash in exchange for $80
      million in defense contracts.
      Wilkes gets 12 years in prison for bribery
      March 21, 2008

      Former Central Intelligence
      Agency Executive Director,
      Republican Kyle “Dusty”
      Foggo was indicted for
      corrupting the CIA’s agency's
      contracts by steering them
      toward Cunningham’s
      fundraiser and defense
      contractor Brent Wilkes. Upon
      changing his venue to Virginia,
      Foggo is now facing new
      indictments. Wiki

      Former Top CIA Official Indicted

      Former top CIA official may face new charges in
      corruption case

      February 4, 2008

      Republican Mitchell Wade,
      a New York mortgage broker
      pleaded guilty to conspiracy
      to commit an unlawful
      monetary transaction
      (bribing Rep. Randy “Duke”
      Cunningham) and to making
      a false statement to a federal
      grand jury. The FEC has
      also levied a fine of $1
      million against Wade.
      New York broker in Cunningham scandal pleads guilty

      Sentencing for Wade has been set for December 15, 2008.

      December sentencing for Cunningham bribery figure
      February 5, 2008

      Republican John Michael, a New York
      Mortgage broker pleaded guilty to a
      charge of conspiracy to commit money
      laundering and to subsequently lying to
      a federal grand jury. He has yet to be
      sentenced. He faces a maximum of five
      years in prison on each charge and a
      $250,000 fine.


      New York broker in Cunningham scandal pleads guilty

      March 8, 2008

      Republican Thomas
      Kontogiannis, a financier and
      John Michael's uncle (by
      marriage), has pleaded guilty to
      money laundering. He admitted
      to help finance the purchase of
      Cunningham's $2.5 million house
      in Rancho Santa Fe in a deal
      that evolved from two military
      contractors' alleged plans to
      bribe the congressman.
      Kontogiannis, a Long Island
      developer, also pleaded guilty
      in 2002 to bribery and kickback charges in connection with a
      $6.3 million bid-rigging scheme involving the New York public

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