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  • hooveredbyndavis hooveredbyndavis Oct 16, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    Voter ID is voter suppression


    By definition it is anti-democratic and it is fully embraced by the GOP.
    It goes against everything America is supposed to stand for.

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    • Dude, this is a financial board, shut the #$%$ up and go home.

    • Are you presuming that voters shuold not have to provide id? When ids are required for everything from buying beer to checking out a libraby book that somehow it is unresonable for a voter? Are folks impplying that its somehow more difficult for some legitimately eligible voter groups to avail themselves of ids? The arguments are so silly as to defy logic.

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      • the argument is simple and logical. The COST and GOVERNMENT EFFORT (remember the deficit ?????) of requiring voter picture id at the polls is simply NOT required as such fraud is almost non-existent.

        What defys logic about this? Please explain. Mr. Republican. What you are REALLY motivated by.

      • What's silly is having taxpayers spend $millions to make Voter ID more stringent when there's no fraud to be found with the current system. You can't find any significant fraud that gets fixed by requiring picture ID's, all you accomplish is voter suppression, exactly what the GOP wants.

        Election Day impersonation, an impetus for voter ID laws, a rarity, data show

        By Natasha Khan and Corbin Carson, Published: August 11, 2012

        A new nationwide analysis of more than 2,000 cases of alleged election fraud over the past dozen years shows that in-person voter impersonation on Election Day, which has prompted 37 state legislatures to enact or consider tougher voter ID laws, was virtually nonexistent.

        The analysis of 2,068 reported fraud cases by News21, a Carnegie-Knight investigative reporting project, found 10 cases of alleged in-person voter impersonation since 2000. With 146 million registered voters in the United States, those represent about one for every 15 million prospective voters.

        The News21 report is based on a national public-records search in which reporters sent thousands of requests to elections officers in all 50 states, asking for every case of alleged fraudulent activity โ€” including registration fraud; absentee-ballot fraud; vote buying; false election counts; campaign fraud; the casting of ballots by ineligible voters, such as felons and non-citizens; double voting; and voter impersonation.

        The analysis found that there is more alleged fraud in absentee ballots and voter registration than in any of the other categories. The analysis shows 491 cases of alleged absentee ballot fraud and 400 cases involving registration fraud. Requiring voters to show identification at the polls โ€” the crux of most of the new legislation โ€” would not have prevented those cases.

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