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  • nmcsan nmcsan Feb 12, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    For those of you who care....

    I just sold 80% of my holdings in Nuance. EVERY SHARE that was in an IRA. I have made a profit but it is no real consolation considering how long I have been invested in NUAN and what I feel the potential could be. I have been disappointed one too many times in anticipation of the break out quarter. I kept enough shares to stay interested....but I am sitting on a ton of cash incase anyone as great idea on where to stick it....(I have left myself open with that one). I was thinking CERN.

    Anyway, I just do not see any SIGNIFICANT upside potential for Nuance this quarter. Maybe this will be the quarter IBM offers $35/share...but I doubt it. Maybe with Apple TV, Nina, etc we climb back up to 24. I think the likely hood of testing 15 or lower is greater...and if the market corrects....look out below. I just wanted to lock in some profits while I still had some. This is the smallest amount of shares I have had in over 5 years....but I will sleep better tonight and enjoy skiing with my family next week much more!!

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    • Check out AKAM. I bought some last week near the bottom. Even Cramer is now recommending it. It may still be oversold.

    • Hey, you might find a good investment in Alkermes, ALKS. Go to their corporate website and check out the presentation they did today. The stock dropped a couple of bucks a few weeks back because Elan sold their position in the company. However, these were existing shares and there was no dilution. I believe Elan sold because the stock price was high, and they wanted the cash. Alkermes is making money and they have a very good pipeline. But like I said, go to their website and listen to their corporate presentation before you make a purchase. I expect the stock will rise a couple of bucks this year. They have an approved drug that is very effective in dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. They also get royalities on a number of other drugs. There is also the chance that a large pharma might buy them because they are very good at developing drugs and making approved drugs safer and more effective. IMHO.

    • thanks for your contributions - you were/are one of the few solid contributers to this board. wish you better luck with your $$$$$ than what this POS has done over the last few years.

    • Glad to hear you will still be here.I completely understand your feelings.I have owned CERN for several years and have been happy with it.Maybe take a look at the builders DHI..LEN..PHM..TOL..XHB..RYL.Also a bank ZION(western states only)nice fit for another larger regional bank wanting to expand out west They have taken steps to increas profits.Do some DD and let me know your thoughts on these or others if you care to.Good Luck

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    • nmscan, first of all thanks for all the info you gave us the past months & years. It's rather scary when long term investors with fundamental understanding of the industry (VR, AI, NLU, ...) no longer want to keep their long term position in a (once) beloved company. I'm also invested in this one since the takeover of L&H (so more than 10 years ago) and with the sustained level of acquistions and choppy quarter results, I also doubt more and more if we have the right management team to deliver. Once again, many thanks for all insights, enjoy the holidays and hopefully you will keep us posted on NUAN and/or the speech technology industry. grtz.

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